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Hello, been looking and interested in getting a Pantera and came across this. It is in possession of a classics car dealer. It has a build date of 4/72 and chassis number #3299.

I have not seen the car yet because it is about 2 hour drive from me. What i cant figure out if this is considered a Pre L car or not and if it has the 11.0 compression engine or the revised 8.6 one. It doesnt have the typical chrome bumpers i see in the 71 cars which is throwing me off.

It has 29k miles on it. Any input on what you think this car would be worth assuming it has no issues etc. They do say that all numbers are matching. It has an upgraded Hall Pantera cooling system, Wilwood front brakes, Half shafts, Carrera coilover shocks, and Recaro seats. Original 351 CI Cleveland engine with 5-speed transmission.

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VIN # 3299 is in line as a 1972 Pre L. Appears someone was going for the "all red" look. The pictures appear in the registry, having been posted recently with the car for sale through First Mate Classics, Tavares, FL. for $84,000, and, according to the website, indicates SOLD. Why it is advertised as a 1973, I don't know. From the pictures, it's a nice looking vehicle.
It does have the chrome bumpers but somebody had a better idea and painted them red. An early 72 car had the 330 HP engine. "Numbers matching" doesn't mean anything on a Pantera especially the way this one is so unoriginal.

As far as what it's worth, that's subjective, but just know that these price increases have come to a screeching halt.
Originally posted by Robbie:
Is it my imagination or does the area around the engine compartment look like it has been seriously repaired. That area (among others) that is rust-prone.

I don't think so. I removed the tar undercoating from my engine compartment, and it revealed the same pattern of spot welds.

A few other thoughts:
Aftermarket steering wheel is a plus.

Top rocker switch has a "courtesy" symbol, not headlamp. Make sure all electrics operate properly. This is suspicious.

Shift gate fingers have been milled out. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it might be covering up a worn or mal-adjusted shift linkage.
Turn signal lever is not original. Again, someone has been fiddling with the electricals.

New brake booster and masters. Look like Byers offerings. Big plus, but improved calipers on the front may be too much front brake. You may need to improve the rear calipers or install a balance valve to reduce the front brake pressure.

Wing - love it or not. Painted bumpers and door lock bezels can be corrected.

Euro tail lights. Nice!

Decklid release is changed. There is a box with a remote cable. Not bad, just different.

Aluminum intake manifold and black engine paint. It has been rebuilt, or at least,out of the car. Not a bad thing. Look for documents. Make sure the heads have a 4V casting stamp.

Mis-alingned muffler tips - not so nice. Can be corrected.

Aftermarket wheels and tires - big plus.


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