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Asking again for history regarding my Euro GTS

I have gained some information from Marcel Shaub (Switzerland) who has come up with some factory paperwork.

The Info I am now looking for is the American aspect, when it was imported from Italy I don't know as yet.

But when it did arrive in the USA I have the last owners details, some "Verbal Information"
but nothing concrete, so here are the details I have and if anyone knew the gentleman or can help in any way I would be truly grateful

The car was owned, we think from around 1981, by a Gentleman called Richard Prime, who died in 2012.
He lived in Providence, and was employed as a truck driver for the teamsters local 251 for many years before retiring.

He was also a pioneer of Drag racing in the 1970's and earned the name of "New England Flash"

After richard's death his car was obtained by
a New York car dealer from whom I bought it.

Best Peter
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You might check with these guys...

North East Motor Sports Museum..

Here's a link to his "OBIT"

Scroll Down a Little... Look for "Dickie Prime"

Obviously you already found this, as you quoted the obit verbatim.

Have you looked at this?

Here's one with a picture.!/Obituary

If you can prove it (DMV Title Search) it makes your car worth about 5 Guineas (Sterling) more....


It is a cool piece of history, though! He looks like a real stud (of motorsports).


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  • Dicky_Prime
WOW, thats brilliant information Rocky.

if you nip over tonight I will pay for all the beers,
have sent the museum a mail, one other Mail address isn't working the top fuel one but much more than I had expected, I have contacted the driving authority too.

I had found as you noted Mr Primes Obituary.
He seems like a real GO GO Bloke doesn't he
god bless him.

Best Pete

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