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I know you folks are the Experts and know EACH car in the US IN Detail:.(smile – nice!), did buy the car from a Fellow in Tempe AZ in 10/2014. Since then I am in the mode of restoring it from “scratch”.. everything the Germany way..(happy to get you 1000 pictures)..

PLEASE Help me to get some more EVIDENCE in the history of this nice car ..

There was an earlier restoration on the car, and in the Pantera Registry it appears (tx Rocky) – I have not put any New pictures as I was too ashamed to show a half fixed car…
Original color was the GTS dark indication did show, it was re-painted in black – see pictures
It was sold as an European GTS. Evidence for me is hard, due to missing skill, but the car has:
1) leather Seats
2) leather Dash,
3) has the antenna hole in the roof,
4) has No clock in dash,
5) has a special dash with only ONE control light between Odo and RMP Meter ..wild
6) has no spacers on the suspension, ..
7) ….but NO vented brake disks
8) has a SMALL GTS sign for the back
9) has the De Tomaso Sign as Solid T on the front grill….a bit vague as the grill shows soldering mark (silver lead..)
10) ..when I bought it did have the flares
Previous Rework at some stage is obvious
1) The engine bearings are double grooved
2) The heads show different rocker arms models, old vales though
3) Wiring got improved
4) Someone Aluminum soldered the engine studs against the chassis
5) Someone Aluminum solder work on the rear gear box portion .. (no issue got overhauled by ZF Germany) – all good..)
Please Help on the HISTORY…



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Mat, there was an original Pantera Registry done in paper, circa 1994. In that List, s/n 4907 was listed as a '73 Euro GTS (built in 11/72), painted red and owned by John Swigart in Pennsylvania, USA. John bought the car in 1989 from Cory Gehling of Collectors Choice in WI. Cory got the car out of Maryland which was the main East Coast terminus for DeTomaso shipments. Interestingly, 4906, 4907, 4908 and 4909 were all Euro GTS cars and after various adventures, all ended up in the U.S. at different times & places. Now yours seems to have gone back. Good luck with her.
Tx Team,
- any idea WHEN the car was painted black?
- any idea who did the REWORK on the car, as said the motor shows clear indication someone had worked on it - 360 degree groves, and different rockers used..)
- some of the wiring is of newer date..
- the front had sever use of plaster on the body and on the cross member (all New now!)
- the car must have been siting somewhere for long as ALL gearbox synchos where rotted and the crankshaft bearings ALL had heavy marks from long sitting besides showing the cupper lager due to considerable use...(no modification towards the cam shaft oil supply holes applied)..

Tx again

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