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Had a chance today to find the few papers that I took out during the disassembly.

The Auto Owner’s Maintenance Folio was from the Fort Lauderdale Lincoln-Mercury on 12 East Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304. There was no reference to the car SN or date, just the number “2754” and the owner’s name of “Mr. J. J. W.”

In chronological order, next was a Florida insurance card dated 6/78, sears receipt for a battery on 10/78, and a Florida vehicle inspection on 11/78 in the name of “Mr. C. D. F” of Tallahassee Fl.

12/78 repair orders were found for Pirelli’s ($480), Koni’s ($400), brake shoes ($90), master cylinder ($100) with $100 labor performed in Columbia SC. The name was now “J. T. K.” (Of Raleigh, NC) and the miles recorded as 25486. The temporary NC registration card was in the name of “Mrs. H. W. K.” on 1/79.

5/26/81, a cashier’s check receipt from “J. F. B.” (Me) for a 73 Pantera with 37K miles

Little Interesting event I did a little googling for the previous owners. Mr. C. D. F. has a business webpage. While I was browsing, I got a pop up for live chat. So I figured I would give a try to get a message to Mr. C. D. F. the live operator responded to my initiation of chat, even had the delays with the “wait, typing”, but it didn’t take long to realize it was a program that would search my replies and use key words to fill in a business form response. I left my contact info so maybe the message will get to him. I wanted to ask him if he had the Crane engine rebuild with turbocharger or did the first owner.
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i did get an email reply from what I believed was the second owner. the car had the turbo when he got it and his recall was that this was a test/prototype either with Garret or Crane.

Additional googling found the first owner had started an engineering company that only was in existance the time he might have owned the car. the current address of this company is now a body shop that started buisness when the engineering company went out of buisness.

any one every hear of a turbo project venture in the Ft Lauderdale area of the name " ALL-TRONICS SYSTEMS "?
the car had the turbo when I got it. here is a note the seller to me provided. I don't know if I have any photo's prior to disassembly. I believe there will be some as I dig the pieces out of storage.
the set up was very simple and did appear to be well engineered as there were no wastegate or dump, had a slight lag, but nothing one couldn't work around for a good launch.

I might call the body shop at the address and see if they remember the first owner. (google implies he might have passed shortly after also at a young age)


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