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The Magnachargers used for this conversion are no longer supported. If any parts go south, the only current option is having them custom machined.

That said, with so few miles on the car, everything is likely just fine.

But for anyone going "WOW, I need a set of those for my car!!" you need to know how to determine if parts are still in proper tolerances before laying down big bucks for a "twin blower in a box" eBay bargain.

The mission of Pantera International is "sharing" information. I think everyone would benefit from knowing the particulars of Wilkinson's Magnacharger set-up. There's no reason to be private that I can perceive.

Forest knows me well enough to know I have no hidden agendas, my goal is the benefit of everyone. I'm a reasonable person. Sometimes there's a reason to be private, i.e. to avoid disrespecting a person, to avoid legal issues, or to share other "obviously" private matters. If I'm wrong in this case please let me know, I mean no disrespect to anyone.
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I realize that Forestg may not be able to speak to every set up for the Magnacharges...or maybe so...? Does anyone have service material, information or manuals for the Magnacharger mc220? My 73 is set up with twin side draft webers using MSD intitionand coil. All I have is a sales brochure that came with the car. It's a very cool set up. Wilkinson deserves a lot of credit for creativity and style considering the 1980's technology.
Forest doesn't monitor this site regularly, so from what little I know of the Magnecharger as used on Panteras, the system was originally designed to fit Corvettes with low hoods. To work on a Pantera with the engine in the stock position, Steve W. put the blowers on backwards and drove them with a left side jackshaft. Hot Rod magazine did a street blower comparo' in the '90s that included the Magnecharger, which produced a max of 8.0 psi on a 350 engine. Forest rigged two GM TBI injectors to supply air/fuel for his stroker engine, which ran nicely once some drive belt issues were straightened out. He traded them off for a 510" big-block in the same Pantera, some years ago.

I know of two complete systems available and fiddled around with one for awhile in my shop. It weighed 78 lbs with the dual as-supplied 50 DCOE Weber side-draft carbs. J DeRyke
Hi all. New to the site and learning about Panteras, hoping to at some point know enough to make an interesting purchase. Among the 15 or so Panteras for sale right now, I see this one on Hemmings. I would change the gold bling but wonder if the restoration / motor with the magnachargers is worth paying for, or is it just a future headache? Has anyone ever seen this one in person? I found a local add that brags of endless concours wins. Hmmm.

Thanks for any thoughts.
I'd get in touch with forestg, here in the forums. He has experience with the Twin Magnacharger set-up. My understanding is, it's very old technology and was always more for show than go. If you want to drive the car a lot, the supercharger is a major headache. This is an early installation too as it's still running Weber side draft carbs. Later installations used EFI. I recall hearing they could only run about 6 lbs of boost.
The magnacharger units used for this conversion are no longer supported by magnacharger or anyone else. As long as all of your pieces remain within spec you have no problems, but should you ever need to replace a component you will not find replacement parts and would be forced to incur insane machining charges to replicate any needed pieces.

With the recent advances in scanning and replicating pieces with CNC techniques this may not be as difficult to do and may be cheaper than 10 years ago. But still something to keep in mind.

forestg posted:
If anyone is seriously interested in buying this car I suggest they contact me first. I ran that blower package for several years and can fill in on some things to beware of.


Gday...I've just purchased the twin Magna chargers 220 but for a SB Chevy . Can you pm or share some more info on them as you've seem to have expirience with them. 

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