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I have an old book at home that details fairly heavily the Hall Super Pantera’s.
This silver GT4 looks visually like a Hall Pantera from the outside, but certainly does not look like one under the skin.
By that I mean the underside of the car is 100% stock standard, nothing has been changed at all & it looks 100% original, in fact rather scruffy other than a lick of black paint.
Even the coolant lines are the standard steel tubes.
Hall Pantera added features such as chassis bracing under the transmission.
The engine in this car looks like stock iron block & heads, not aluminium.
I would be asking the dealer if the car has steel flares.
Hall used to strip the car to bare metal & weld in steel GT4 flares.
If the car has fiberglass flares then it certainly is NOT a Hall Pantera.
I’m certainly no expert on Hall Super Panteras, but if I had to put money down I’d say its not.

I looked at this car last week. It does need some work though. The paint on the rear at the wing mounts is cracking on both sides. The following item's need attention: U-Joints, rear hub bearings, transaxle leaking, ball joints torn, rack and pinion boots are torn, tires need replacing, intake leaking oil, valve covers leaking, wiper blades inop, horn inop, body has cracks and overspray. This cars owner also has no paperwork.
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