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So I have been saving for a pantera for quite some time now and i'm finally in a position to make it reality.

I came across this car up for sale close to my area and decided to go look at it. Upon closer inspection I realized it wasn't a gt5 at all and had a kit added to it.

I was under the impression it was original paint but that wasn't the case either since there were a few gouges out of the paint with bondo showing through.

I think the price is reasonable considering the work that is required since the frame looks great and the car drives well but I don't like being misled into believing the car is something its not.

Other things like the spedo not being hooked up and claming the odometer reads 22M is a bit concerning also. Does anyone know any information on this vin by any chance? 874 THPNND06868 Thanks in advance.


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Apparently you have inspected the car? Don't know how familiar you are with Pantera's but its beneficial to have a current/past owner take a look. Rust is a recurring issue and there are specific areas that need close inspection.
There are a few pictures in Chuck Melton's registry ( Not much though. A few exterior pictures with and without the black stripes, that's all. I would think your Canadian brethren would be familiar with the car though. I agree with you. Not a good feeling when the car is misrepresented.
Chad, I don't know the car very well (I have seen it several times up close but never looked very closely at it), but I do know the guy who did most of the assembly for the current owner (who bought it as a partially-completed project). Send me a PM with your email and phone and I'll put you in contact with someone who can help. FWIW, I think the price is very optimistic and I would hope that there is some negotiating room. It would be nice to see the car in the hands of someone who would actively enjoy and get the car out more than the current owner does.

Chad, the single most expensive part of any Pantera is the ZF 5-speed transaxle. There is a single source of new parts (in So-Cal), the boxes are complicated & expensive to work on and nose-bleed-high to fully recondition ($11-$14,000!) So if the car drives well & shifts gears without grinding, the synchros are usually OK; all the other stuff is more-or-less standard so a bit less important. But you ARE looking at a 45+ year old Italian made, all-steel GT car! The good part: nearly all parts for the entire car are still available with some searching and there are competent specialty shops on both ends of the continent for Panteras. IMHO, you really ought to join a local marque club and subscribe to both Forums, to glean as much info as possible before writing a big check, though. POCA has chapters not terribly far from eastern Canada, and local members nearby for specific questions. Like all WWW info, take free advice with a grain (or a bucket!) of salt.
Good luck- J DeRyke, Tech Editor
Hi Chad.

I typed Ottawa into the Pantera International member dbase and received 9 results. Looking through the POCA 2017 registry 9 of the 14 "Canadian" members are members here. I typed "Canada" into the member database and received 128 results. I typed New York into the database and received 45 results, but when I shortened that to simply NY I got 306 results. We've got you covered.

George P - Veteran Cosmic Auto Pundit
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George, Chad and I have spoken. If the seller agrees to an inspection at Chad's mechanic's shop, I will be there to help guide the inspection. I expect that Denis (Mangusta) will also join us, as he helped assemble the car for the current owner. Chad will not unknowingly be buying a mess unless he really knows that is the case ahead of time and pays accordingly. Big Grin

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Mark for taking time out of his day to help out a complete stranger to share some knowledge. He is certainly a stand up guy!

I don't believe I will be giving an offer on the car after all since i'm sure the price I have in mind will be rejected. There are some costly repairs needed, it appears that the car has been in 1 or more minor accidents and it was quite clear that the car has been neglected.

I will just have to keep saving and continue the search!

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