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Well, technicially that would be correct since all U.S. Pantera's were factory delivered without a radio. The radio was a dealer installed "option" which nearly all cars were outfitted with this option.


AND, they came without ANY rear view mirrors.

There seemed to be a standard, perhaps Ford suggested, use of the chrome Mustang mirror.

I have seen one car that the owner said was never fitted with any outside mirrors. Since it was in bare metal and I could see no signs of welding/grinding to dispute his statement, I tended to believe him.

The radio delete plate was installed in Modena. Most probably hit the dealer's trashcan, and thus the rarity of the original Ford pieces.

Likewise, there was no factory radio antenna. And thus no standard mounting location, or a factory grommet-filled hole.

And as far as original goes, I perhaps should point out that the standard De Tomaso plaque that everyone now mounts on the lower, rear crossmember behind the sway bar did not come in that location.

Each car had two of these, one glued onto each valve cover. Glue gave up, plaque came loose, owners decided to screw it to the crossmember.

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