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Originally posted by RobertVegas:
Here is my favorite:

The A/C needs to be charged. The compressor works fine (no noise), the condenser fan works fine also. I just never had it evacuated and re-charged.

Another "AC works fine but needs to be recharged" car. Same as mine, same as so many others. Ha!

No offense kammacat.


Was just trying to be as honest on the listing as I could for anyone. Because the dash switch/fan does engage the condenser fan, and the dial for the A/C on/off does engage the comresesor (with no noise at all)....I felt confident that a charge would do it. (Versus those ads you see out there where part of the a/c is missing, belts off...etc). I just always drove with the windows down and never had a pressing need/want to do it. And honestly, most of the a/c people near me are a bit scarey and were a bit "nebulous" on their price to evacuate and recharge...
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