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Here is what is said to be a very low mile Pantera, all original on eBay (not mine)

Any predictions on price? I don't see too much to complain about, except incorrect steering wheel and the condition of engine bay and mufflers
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In regards to "Selling Price"....with this quote from the seller's ad..."With the Pantera market heating up for the past few years "mediocre" cars are selling in the $70,000-$80,000 range".

I would venture a calculated estimate that the seller's reserve is $100,000.00...Mark

A seller cannot expect "show room condition" prices unless the car is in show room condition. To me that means everything performs like it is new. This car does not fit that description; yes it is very original but it is not refurbished. It is riding on 40 year old shock absorbers. It has 40 year old rubber suspension bushings (hardened by age). It has 40 year old cooling system hoses. 40 year old brake hydraulic parts, and 40 year old clutch hydraulic parts. It has an aftermarket steering wheel, speakers have been carved into the doors, and the wheel house coating has been removed from the rear wheelhouses. In my opinion when a person is taking pictures of a car they intend to sell the floor mats should be removed to allow prospective buyers to see what condition the carpeting is in. The mats "may" be hiding worn carpeting which would indicate higher mileage than claimed.

This car is at least $8000 away from being in show room condition.

I also noticed the underside of the front bonnet is all white, I don't think that's original is it Mike?
The doors,hood,decklid gaps appear "PERFECT"!!!...WOW!!!

It looks like the air cleaner has the famous vacuum actuated trap door.

As I can see the vacuum hose leading into the diaphragm on the driver's side of the Pantera.

Too bad there isn't a close-up of the gated shifter's fingers, be interesting to see if there is any noticeable wear with such few stated "Low miles".
No passenger side mirror.
How come NO windshield wipers???!!!.

Can't believe the decklid struts are still working!!!, must be a 2x4 holding the decklid up out of camera range...Mark
There's at lease two interior shots in the listing that you can zoom in on the shifter gate. I'd say the wear matches his mileage claim.
I don't think the last of the Ford era cars had the goppy tar applied in the engine bay. My car is #7102, only four digits off of this one, and there is no trace of it in my engine bay. Vinh's car #7445 is a '75, but built with Ford stampings. It has no goo in the engine bay either, just a matte black paint like this example.
His wipers are probably stashed somewhere, I keep mine wrapped in a towel in the boot. I sure hope he kept them anyway. Hard to find the ones that park like the late cars.
I'm always tempted by garage queens, but if the seller is holding out for near $100K, and you want to drive this reliably, you'd have to go through every system. If the fluids haven't been changed expect the brakes are all rusted, the cooling system, hoses, belts. The engine and transaxle needs to come out and made to look like a car of that price, carb rebuild, tires, etc. You could throw another $10K to get it perfect, and then you won't drive it! Ha.

I'm still a sucker for it, though I agree with Mike on the value.
Can't believe the decklid struts are still working!!!, must be a 2x4 holding the decklid up out of camera range...

My decklid struts still work...

I agree the inner front hood looks right including some jaggedy paint edges. Rear trunk also seems to have at least some of the spacers between braces and body which are so often missing.

No mention of rear liftout trunk, toolkit, spacesaver spare
I think if you wanted a car to drive this would not be the one. static display only /trailer queen . I would think that updating it would ruin the originality and divining it would defeat the purpose of having a low mileage car. but as George pointed out this car has cut door panels and after market steering wheel. So I not sure it would make a good museum piece. Would replacing the old rotten rubber parts with new factory correct part devalue the car?
Update; Spoke to the owner ( A Very Pleasant Gentlemen) had a nice chat about his DeTomaso Pantera & encouraged him to join the website.

Photos of his original Pantera in various areas could be of great help for those owners looking for authenticity & as installed from factory components...Mark

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