The Fontana powered Pantera will be taking its first laps at the Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox Arizona. It will be fun to see how it does on this great 2.5 mile road course. I will try to get a good in car video with the car at speed on the track.

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Originally posted by David B:
Great looking car! Love those wheels and the stance ...and the color of course!

Thanks, I still like the white even after 25 years. I really want to see how fast this car will go down the 2200 foot straight at this track.
Originally posted by Rocky:
Looks like fun!

Seems like you're doing a lot with your car now that it's back!

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Just testing out a few things and getting it ready for the rally in Phoenix next month. I am also going to see how it likes that track.
Two Tucson Pantera owners traveled down and supported the SCCA Regional event at Inde Motorsports Ranch, in Willcox, AZ.

It's a "top-notch" operation. We had a blast. Here's a picture of the two Panteras prior to the action.

Thanks, Jim, for the invite. Look forward to getting down there again.


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