I am a long time PI member. I own a 1972 pre-L and am in the process of re-doing the car.
I am at the point where I am considering service to the brake system. My questions are: is the stock system adequate (assuming components are rebuildable and serviceable), or should I consider an aftermarket system.
The car is street-driven, never raced. the engine has been slightly ugraded (camshaft, Webers) but the car is driven only for pleasure and show.
What upgrades if any, would be recommended (ie: master cylinder, calipers, rotors)?
Lastly, if stock components can be reused, are there seal kits readily available?
Thanks for your time to answer these questions.
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There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the Pantera's braking system for even aggressive STREET driving.

If the system is fully functional, I'd suggest braided steel brake lines to replace the old rubber flex hoses, and Porterfield R4-S pads (www.porterfieldbrakes.com; they don't list the Pantera on their website but they stock Pantera pads as an on-the-shelf item.)

If your master cylinder is still working, be happy. If it's shot, they are NOT rebuildable; fortunately the Pantera vendors sell aftermarket replacements, basically a USA master cylinder with an adapter to adapt to the Bonaldi (Bendix Italia) booster.

Rebuild kits are available for the calipers; however, it's almost as expensive to purchase the kits as it is to purchase fully reconditioned stock calipers from Hall Pantera. Hall's Super Stopper I kit consists of blueprinted and improved stock calipers (he changes the "plumbing" for improved performance), new stainless lines and a new master cylinder; it's a very cost-effective way to overhaul the brakes.

But I wouldn't advocate throwing money at the car unless it really needed it. If your calipers still function freely (i.e. seals aren't shot, pistons aren't frozen), then I'd opt for pads and flex lines and be done with it.

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