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I would like to share my experience with Jon Haas ... and the Pantera-specific products he sells at Pantera Electronics.

It should be said (up front) that I am a total novice when it comes to auto electric. That said, I wanted to make some improvements to the electrical system in my car ... and, of course, my research lead me to Pantera Electronics.

As you can appreciate, I had many questions about the work I wanted to undertake, which (as it turns out) included purchasing PE's ATO Fuse Panel, Headlight Motor Controller and the new Ignition Switch Controller (with push-button start). , However, BEFORE I dropped a single dime, Jon answered literally dozens of questions and, now that the work is underway, he continues to be an excellent source of information to help me get these projects done.

I throw 100% support behind Jon and his work. Too often we purchase things in life ... only to be left on an island to figure it out for ourselves. This is definitely NOT the case with Jon. I feel like I have my own personal help desk for all the novice-related questions that pop into my head.

And, it should also be noted that Jon followed my shipping instructions (to Canada) perfectly, which saved me unnecessary brokerage and duty charges.

I am a 100% satisfied customer of Pantera Electronics. Kudos to Jon for his excellent engineering and customer support!

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This entry is to inform the Pantera Community that Jon Haas has a very nice line of electronics to modernize the Pantera. I purchased several of the modules and have installed them. I'm very happy to report that all function as described in Jon's website -
First, let me tell you about a variation from the normal headlight motor configuration adapted from Gary Walker's retractable headlight actuators mod at Gary's kit requires some significant modifications to your Pantera's headlight actuator assembly (most obvious is the removal of the actuator tube to both headlight buckets). After removing the tube, creating a set of bracket supports to mount the headlight buckets (part of Gary's kit), and installing the linear drive motors to lift each headlight independently (as seen in modern cars), I adapted the wiring harness to support the Jon's HMC (Headlight Motor Controller) module. After connecting everything up, and a little fine tuning, the modification works great.
I've also installed Jon's Ignition Switch Controller (ISC) and it works great. My rebuilt Cleveland roared back to life after a ten-year nap. Soon to be tested are the Radiator Fan Controller (RFC) and the Console Switch Controller (CSC). So, more later.
Thanks to Jon Haas and Gary Walker for supplying the inspiration and installation instructions to complete an important modernization step for my Pantera (#5830).

I agree that all Jon's products are a plus.

They are certainly a much better solution to installing relays all over the place to take voltage loads off of the switches.

I would put it this way, if you intend to keep your Pantera and drive it, P-E products are not the only solution to increasing reliability but a really good one to replacing increasingly delicate, sometimes fragile and marginally adequate original electronics.

Plus if you buy them, you get to call him personally and break his chops! That alone should not be underestimated in value! Big Grin
Jon's products border on art. He is a perfectionist and this is clearly evident when you look at his products.

The instructions he provides with them are clear and straight forward. And if you still have questions or are somewhat or just plain electronically challenged (me) he is a phone call away.

Through the years he has been kind enough to assist me with projects unrelated to his products or even non Pantera related.
Jon is just a great guy.

Several years ago I bought the ATO fuse panel. Best money I ever spent! The electrical gremlins vanished. Jon’s work is truly art and his passion for the products is evident in the quality and service he provides. Jon never seems too busy to lend a hand.

Last year I purchased the fan controller. The instructions and pictures were flawless. It works great and exactly as outlined on Jon’s web site.

Thank you Jon Haas!
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Originally posted by MANICAL:
I'm sad to say that i had to sell my Pantera. But i have a new never installed fuse panel from Pantera Electronics. I would like to sell it for $225. Send me a PM if interested.

Arg. Sorry you sold it! You looking for another, or just moving on?

Hope someone jumps on your ATO panel. It's a very good piece.
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