Can someone please tell me what if any difference there is between the 2 cars. My understanding is that the Amerisport car paint and body was completed then shipped to the USA for the motor and trans to be installed so it could pass the wonderful USA emissions. I ask this as I was looking at a GT5-S car in Miami and the dealer made a comment that he would never buy an Amerisport car. But I can not see that much if any difference except importing a car back then was a nightmare.

Thank you in advance for "hopefully" all your input.
Adam C. Skipper
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I am paraphrasing what I know of the Amerisport Pantera - (most info taken from Provo Registry & this forum & personal articles): The vehicle was, as you say, completely finished without engine, transaxle & exhaust. An Australian 351C (as reported) & transaxle purchased from Ford was installed with exhaust made by Kirk Evans with small catalytic converters to pass the present day emissions. A special carburetor air box was also manufactured to pass the current emissions of the day. Additionally, two serial numbers were associated with the vehicle, the original Detomaso Pantera serial number and an Amerisport serial number to be in compliance with the DOT requirement of serializing vehicles. With a few other smaller cosmetic changes, to the best of my knowledge, the Amerisport Pantera would be no different than other Pantera's of today.
There is absolutely no difference in the "factory GT5-S" and Amerisport GT5-S cars other than Kirk Evans developed different rear spoilers for the american market.
The Amerisport cars are emission legal in 50 states due to the emissions equipment that was added to the car ie, rear exhaust converters and the infamous "air box" with all the vaccum lines

my .02
I see neither an advantage nor disadvantage to an Amerisport GT5-S. The car was built in Modena and shipped to Kirk without engine or gearbox. He installed a smog-compliant engine and ZF. Not much else different between a Euro-GT5-S and an Amerisport GT5-S.

30 years later, the engine configuration is probably somewhat changed from the smog engine of the 80's so it is even more moot.
Although there may be no mechanical difference to a Euro GT5-S and an Amerisport there are subtle differences where I through personal taste would choose the Euro/factory car over an Amerisport given everything else being equal.

The factory euro bumpers, small round front only euro side marker/indicator are all aesthetically more appealing to me. In addition the later Amerisport cars had the different treatment to the gills removing the rear quarter window.

That said if the price were right I would not refuse an Amerisport car solely for those reasons.

Just my .02 cents,

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