Is There A Race Worthy Pantera Replica (kit car) Available?

D Quella's car as well as several more Pantera racers from back in the day when club members raced them were L&N-bodied tube-frame cars. Most L&N's were GM Citation V-6-powered (I once saw one at a CA car meet) but of maybe 50 bodies built, about 12 were tube-frame & V-8 powered. Many kits were never finished- you see therm occasionally F/S. If you're really interested, POCA Past Pres. Les Gray worked for L&N and has the true story.
I may have what you need. It's a blend of original car using composite front and rear clips with a tube rear platform waiting for the right enthusiastic buyer/builder.

Shoot me a note at if you're interested.
I don't see gearboxes an issue, there are plenty of ZF's available if you look and it's a capable gearbox. Also plenty of other alternatives all the way up to fully sequential if desired.
johne26 posted:

Looking for a tube frame for my fiberglass Pantera replica.  Interested in a Long & Newman V8 tube frame or ??  I have spoken to Larry Stock, Kirk Evans, Mark Sibley and Chris Wilkins.


What is your intended use? An L&N chassis isn't built to any standard for racing etc. and I believe very limited numbers were even built. I think you'd be better having a tube frame fabricated, any competent racing shop should be able to do so.

You don't mention Dennis Quella in your list of folks you have spoken to, Dennis has a L&N bodied tube frame race car.

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