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The photos I posted are a sample of what you will find if you spend enough time and scroll down to the bottom of the photos found at the link.

it looks like they almost went out of their way to find a terrible candidate to restore, but I applaud  their  determination and gumption in doing what looks to be a first rate rust-repair restoration.

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  • 0D99136F-0DC6-42AC-9F19-C4C8BA5C0572
  • 972F99C5-6724-4033-9AC3-FA923B38C6B9
  • 1340B2C2-A105-4BFA-A5E1-B530E5258C9D

But that’s the classic example of “nature vs. nurture”.  

Your car grew up in the unique (globally) California environment....

I certainly agree that good cars can be found, and probably better choices for the resto, but good for them to bring one back that many might not!

Thanks for posting...


Just went through all these photos as well. I'm always in awe of this kind of body/rust repair. I don't think I would ever have the patience to do this kind of restoration -- and I mean just being the owner! -- but this all looks like excellent work, and I can't wait to see the finished product. Does the car belong to somebody on here?

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