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Why is it always such a big secret when somebody sells a DeTomaso? Buyers don't want to say anything, what because they think they might have paid too much?

Sellers don't want to say anything, what because they are hiding from ex-wives or the IRS?

And the brokers don't want to say anything, so they can take advantage of the next guy?

I thought one of the purposes of this forum was to help establish what the market is for DeTomaso automobiles?

Somebody should step up and say what this car went for.
I wasn't going to tell anyone but I was really interested in the Red Mangusta at P.I. even test drove the car. I didn't think I would fit at 6'-2" however I felt more at home in it than being in my Pantera. Everything was perfect with the car so I made an offer. Next thing I know I'm in a bidding war with another bidder trying to buy this car. Well at 120K I said screw this I'm out. Already having second thoughts about it. Wink
I initially bought my Mangusta as an investment, although she has since become part of the family as with my other cars. Actually my wife loves the car more than I do and has laid claim to it. I always monitor the markets both for an investment view and also to make changes in my insurance agreed values as the marquee value seems to be on a yearly rise.

Mark, is this the same Mangusta that was just recently on sale at P.I. for $69k that you are talking about? :
I have a friend in the Bay Area who is selling an early 69 mangusta, it is apparently the 7th one built, that has louvers instead of wire in the rear valance, apparently a very early prototype or something... it was in a accident and restored by Gary Hall some 3000 miles ago and apparently the insurance company gave it a salvage title, bummer. but the pictures and history of the accident don't seem to justify salvage,
It's very clean, fresh engine I think also it is saphire black. with black interior. I think they were asking around 65k
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You guys are to nice! I was waiting for everybody to rip in to me for wanting to buy a Mangusta for almost twice what it was advertised for. Truth be told I didn't drive or make an offer on that Mangusta.
But if I did buy or sell it I probably wouldn't want to make my deal public. In the past I have overpaid for more than one car, however I have no regrets about buying any of them. Smiler
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