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I spoke to Jerry last Friday (8/5) and he told me that he's looking for his 3rd supplier for these mufflers (it's on my MUST DO LIST as well, nothing more annoying than a 17 year-old in a tuner car pulling up, admiring the Pantera, then the RATTLE-CLUNK-RATTLE-CLUNK of loose baffles!). Even if you talk with Jerry, he won't know the exact dimensions. He's shooting to get a muffler of "approximately" the same dimensions of the ANSAs with your choice of tips, pre-welded. I spoke with a local custom muffler shop and to remove the existing mufflers from the collector, fabricate and weld extra-heavy aluminized pipe (2-1/2") to the new mufflers and mount them would be "around $300" for the pair. Stainless pipe (not polished) would run another $100. To go the full-mandrel route, we're talking DOUBLE. I saw his standard work, and without mandrel bends/welds, you will see some slight deformation. But my car is not a SHOW car, so it's not worth the extra bucks for me. Go the stainless route and avoid the paint or buy some VHT for about $20 and DIY.

Hi Husker,
I have a 'no rear bumper' car and the original mufflers protrude a little too much. I want to upgrade but move the mufflers a little inboard.
I need:
overall length (muffler and tips)
Inlet pipe diameter
muffler width and heigth
The SS units should be a little narrower since they dont have the flange at the middle.


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To edmguru: On your diagram, left to right, top to bottom: inlet diameter: 2.375", inlet length: 2.375", chamber length: 12.5", chamber/outlet length: 18.75", depth: 5", and one dimension not on your diagram, chamber width: 8". Of course this may all change as Swendog mentioned above PIM is looking for another supplier.
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