My main concern is how they cut the frame rails to install the drop pan for the drivers seat?

Also on photo 31 there appears to be rust at the bottom of the door opening along the weather strip near towards the rear. This occurs as dirt gets in the rocker panel and stays moist.
First Impressions:

- Something Funny about the Passenger side of the Front "L" Bumper
- Passenger Door and Body different Shade

(Is this a repaint, or a repair?)

Mufflers are grossly misaligned.

Check for rust in the Driver's and Passenger Door Sills, looks a little bubbly in the pictures.

Kind of a crappy install of the Driver's dropped floorpan.

It looks like it has everything you would expect, and it looks pretty "un-molested", but you will expect to spend some $ installing a lot of the updates to clean it up (e.g. Stainless Water Tubes).

You need to go see it in person (and bring an expert along)!

I see glints of yellow peeking through chips in the paint. Suspect a repaint that might not have been prepped properly.

Agree that the drop floor pan looks like an amateur did it.

Be very careful with "Beverly Hill Car Club". They have a reputation of selling basket case cars, and they are located in East LA, not Beverly Hills!
They have a reputation of selling basket case cars,

That appears to be an understatement.

Take a look at two of the Mustangs they have advertised for sale. They look late for an appointment with a crusher. The one only showed 20k odd miles, but it sure seems like it took a hard hit.

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