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I completely removed top skin without difficulty other than a few spot welds. Rear section of roof wraps around existing sheet metal. I believe reinstalling will require sliding the rear roof section into place followed by laying remainder of roof down to line up with existing structure. I should have made a cut 2 inches from the rear of roof and saved to duplicate on new roof. I believe it’s still within my skill level but I’ve made it harder. I’ll check with Wilkinson (where I bought the roof skin) to see if he has any information on installing before I go through the trouble of making steel forms. Please stay in touch

Here are some more photos if that helps.

The crossbar under the roof was completely rusted and I had to re-do it.
I took the opportunity to weld reinforcements to the four corners and reinforce the hood hinge fixings.

I bought the roof skin from Roland Jaeckel in Germany, so it was a NOS but I had to re-form the whole front edge to fit the windshield. Apart from this, the installation presents no difficulties, the rear is hooked under the structure and you actually have to slide it from back to front and weld it on the other three sides


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