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Through the years many I have spoke with many of you by phone needing advise or tec support. Often you ask "how can I return the favor" to my answer back "no worries---glad to help" which is very true.

My grandson Alex, who many of you know has Tourettes and other issues is in choir this year. They are having a fund raiser and the sale is with pasta---every Detomaso owners favorite food. (tongue in cheek)

If you could find it in your heart to help, please go to this link:


This program is fantastic at his school and they need your support. At Check out, please scroll down to "Mclane Alexander" so Alex gets credit for your purchase.

Thank you in advance for you support now and over the years with everything.

All the best,

Kirk Evans --- AmeriSport ind. ---
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Originally posted by George P:
Debbie just placed an order.

Thank you George and please pass it on to Debbie. Alex is grinning from ear to ear.

He's also achieved probationary black belt in karate so we call him the singing karate kid now.
Thank you Ray, Bob and Ken. Good luck with MSU Ray. The grand kids do rock Ken. Alex has lived with Robbie and I since he was 3. Now at 14, he has a tough time making friends with his Tourettes so we do our best to help him make an impression with the other kids in ways like being the top seller---and my Pantera friends are helping to make that happen.

FYI to everyone---all the orders have to be in by Friday so time is running out if you were planning on making a purchase.

Thank you all again.
I just read through the pasta fundraiser list and there was one sale to with a note that said

"Alex, remember to give it all you got, don't give up and you WILL be great. Give your grandpa Kirk a big hug." from "Kenny from the Pantera group" and another purchase from a listing that said "Pantera friend"

Someone may know Kenny but it will be tough to find the Pantera friend unless they step forward.

If you are one or know who these guys are, please pass on a big "Thank you" from Rob and I on Alex's behalf.

Thank you all again---Alex with a happy face before take off.


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Never asked but I can't see why not. Just email me direct with the number and I will pay them direct and get you a receipt. Sound OK?

Originally posted by Husker:
Kirk, Can I make a direct donation?

Kirk, I send you already a donate
on your PayPal account.
Thanks to all of the Pantera friends, Alex topped 1000.00 WOW thank you all again.

He may be the top fundster!

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