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Important notice!!!
January 9th (that’s tomorrow, in case you weren’t aware), the price of admission for the track event goes up to $335!!
You don’t have any excuse now… You want in, you need to get in!
Check to me or PayPal will work. See the registration document.

May 16-17, 2015
Update #13

I want to reiterate that we are getting special treatment by being able to register early.

Once the Driver’s Edge opens the event to the general public, it will fill up damned near instantaneously. So, if you don’t register before the end of January or so, you will not get on the track.

Where are all the ‘for damned sure I’ll be there’ crowd? Here I was thinking that we were going to blow away the TWS Pantera previous count!

You can pre-register here for the track event. All information should be there, but contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks to those who already registered!!!

As mentioned in the Fun Rally initial promotion, Texas World Speedway is closing. We all knew it was coming for years, but this is it. Our event will probably be the last one.
See info from management at the bottom of this email.

The question was asked 'Are mufflers required?'
Tom Upton races there all the time and he responded:
"Track has same as SCCA. 104 db @ 70 ft, but I have not seen it being enforced even though I went to great pains to meet it."

We are heading towards 40+ Panteras!
(Note: I have received a lot of emails and I may have missed one or two of you. If you don't see your name and you told me you were coming, let me know. I'll fix it!)

Early registration is available at the link above.

18 are registered and paid! Thanks!

The ‘I’m already pre-registered and I’ve paid! Thank you very much!’ crowd.

Mike Trusty - Pantera
Bill Moore - Pantera
Mike Simmons - Pantera/Aston Martin/Ferrari
Kirby Schrader - Pantera
Clarke Hamm - Pantera #7350
Charles (Chuck) Huber - Pantera
Chuck Engles - Pantera
Alex Engles - Pantera
John Christian - Pantera
Robert Knox - Pantera
Ed Nagel - Pantera
Rob Pink - Pantera (240Z backup)
David Adin aka Dirty and Grouchy, David from Durango, etc. etc. - Pantera
Will Kooiman - Pantera
Ron McCall - Pantera
Phil Tomlinson - Pantera (Scion FR-S backup)
John Conder - Pantera (Corvette backup)
Anthony (Tony) La Sorsa - Pantera
who is going to be?

The 'for damned sure I'll be there' crowd.
(Where ARE you guys?)

Tom Upton - Pantera
Dennis Quella - Pantera
David Bell - Pantera
Mark Skwarek - Pantera
Jeff Detrich - Pantera
Bob Benson - Pantera
Rich Hoppe - Pizza Pantera
Dave Londry - Pantera (needs to sort out tires)
Julian Kift - GT40?
Gray Gregory - Pantera (Saturday only! Sunday is Pig Roast day at the ranch!!)
Michael Shortt - Pantera
John Neal - Pantera
John Johnson - Pantera
Nick Sakulenzki - Pantera
Jim Duncan - Pantera
Dale Eriksen - Pantera Grp. 3

We’ve lost our Kansas buddies due to circumstances beyond their control…
(Note: There will probably be at least two other GT40 MkII's hanging around, too.)

The 'heard they were interested, but not sure' crowd.
- Richard Boschert - Pantera
- Garth Rodericks - Pantera
- Steve Hawkins - Pantera (requires some assembly)
- Dick Koch - Pantera
- Brent Stewart - Pantera

The 'I'm not nuts, but I'd like to think I'm nuts and I'll be there' crowd.
- Jerry Knotts - Pantera/Miata/RX-7/Mustang?

The "some/much assembly required before being track ready" crowd.
- Dylan Schrader - Pantera
- Louis Schlaudt - Pantera
- Michael Frazier - Pantera

The 'wants to go really fast in a rental car' crowd
- Place holder! :-)

The 'should come but probably won't' crowd
- Asa Jay
- John Bentley
- Dennis Antennuci (aka Mad Dawg) - Pantera (he finally realized he's getting too old)

Again, this will most likely be the last event to take place at Texas World Speedway. Make sure you're there to experience it!

I hereby faithfully promise to annoy everyone with regular updates over the coming months.


Links: Texas World Speedway -

Yes, it is closing....
Email to all track event organizers from TWS management:
Greetings all,
The official word on 2015 is that we will be booking through May 31st. The track may or may not be operating beyond that date, but ownership is comfortable making commitments through the end of May.

I realize that this will put most of you in a position of having to book elsewhere from June 1 forward, which is why I asked the owners to give us a firm date on the closure.

I expect increased demand on dates from this point on. Currently all weekends are booked through the end of 2014 with the exception of Aug 30-31. For 2015 dates we will continue to operate on a "legacy" basis, i.e. if your group had the 3rd weekend in March this year, you have first right of refusal on that same weekend next year. That means that all dates through May 31, 2015are set as tentative already. You can view the 2015 schedule on our website at http://www.texasworldspeedway..../track-schedule.html and scroll forward to 2015.
Note that weekends that were open in 2014 have been filled with groups that had previously requested new/additional dates, in the order that they were received.

This is important: I need a confirmation for your proposed 2015 dates by next Friday Aug 29th. If you are, or have made other plans for next Spring and do not plan to carry over one or more of your 2014 weekend's) I need to know now. We already have groups asking to come back to TWS for one final event, and some of our current customers are asking for additional dates. If there will be openings in the Spring schedule due to a change in your club's plans we need to know that asap please.

Likewise, if you want to change, trade or add an additional weekend or want to extend your weekend to Friday or Monday (or more) please let me know asap. I will do what I can to accommodate.
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