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Calling All De Tomasos!!!
The members of Space City Panteras and Dallas/Fort Worth Panteras whole heartedly invite you to join us for some Texas hospitality at POCA’s 2015 Lone Star Fun Rally, to be held in Houston, Friday, May 15th through Tuesday, May 19th, 2015.
There are a number of compelling reasons for you to attend the 34th annual POCA Fun Rally that we have affectionately dubbed the POCA Lone Star Fun Rally.
First of all Texas, the Lone Star State, is a giant of a state. Texans are known for their large, welcoming hearts. "Friendship" is the state's motto, and the people of Texas live by that motto. Heck, we even have road signs that say “Drive Friendly!” You owe yourself a visit.
Next, enjoy some real Texas hospitality at a working Texas ranch by attending our world famous Pantera Pig Roast, held at our favorite Pantera Technical Center, Gray Gregory's Ranch. That's right, you’re welcome to wrench on cars during the day or just hang around for the home cooked grub served that evening.
As a special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Space City Pantera member and rocket scientist John Haas will lead a private tour of the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab at the Johnson Space Center. The Neutral Buoyancy Lab contains a full size, submerged mockup of the International Space Station (ISS), complete with a fully functional earth-bound ISS arm. This immense underwater facility is used to train astronauts for zero gravity space walks and outside repairs to the orbiting ISS. The titanium ISS arm, designed and constructed by a NASA team that included John Haas, is an absolute engineering masterpiece that will inspire awe in any gear head.
While at the Johnson Space Center, we will also visit Rocket Park, which contains an amazing collection of vintage NASA launch and orbital vehicles. Foremost among them is the restored 3-Stage Saturn V rocket, complete with Apollo capsule, escape tower, lunar lander module and lunar command module. This 1960’s technology monster is one of only three left in the world, stands over 36 stories tall and has rocket exhaust nozzles large enough to walk through. Words cannot do it justice. It truly must be seen to be appreciated.
For you racers and race spectators alike, Texas World Speedway (TWS) is on the agenda for two spectacular track days. TWS is a challenging 2.9 mile road course with screaming long straights, fast banked corners and the occasional twisty bits in between. Over the years, we have hosted a number of TWS race weekends, most recently with over 25 Panteras from California, Colorado, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma in attendance. TWS is the perfect track for stretching your Cat’s legs and it may even be the best track of any previous Fun Rally. While TWS is our home track, it is unfortunately going the way of Riverside Raceway in California. After our event, TWS will be bulldozed to make way for a housing development later in 2015. This will be our last goodbye to an old friend.
We have also planned a special group visit to a private automotive collection of over 215 cars and memorabilia ranging from the 1930’s through present day. Indoor settings recreate an early gas station/garage and 1950’s diner. Those who have been there remark that it is among the most fascinating displays they have seen, as it emphasizes automotive development and new factory cars that were relevant during their lifetime.
Last but definitely not least, Houston is centrally located within the Continental US, with multiple intersecting interstate highways and one of the largest, most accessible airports in the nation. Because of this, we’re hoping to see members and their Panteras from all sections of the country. It’s an especially good opportunity for those of you living in the central and eastern parts of the country to attend a Fun Rally. Besides the De Tomaso cars, the Fun Rally provides an excellent opportunity to build friendships by connecting a face to the voice on the phone or the forum conversation that we’ve all had over the years. The POCA Lone Star Fun Rally will be held for one year only, so whether you’re a Fun Rally veteran or a first timer, this is the one to attend!
Take advantage of our Texas hospitality and join us next May at the 2015 POCA Lone Star Fun Rally!!!
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Sounds like a great time.

I hope that we can coordinate a "Cat Caravan" of all the cars streaming east from Phoenix, LA and San Diego.

A good intersection point where we can all join up on I-10 is in Tucson....

The weather in Mid-May won't be so blistering hot for the drive across the desert.....


Although I ought to think about getting my AC project finished over the winter!
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The POCA 2015 Lone Star Fun Rally raises the bar with the finest resort ever to host a Fun Rally. We are pleased to announce that the Lone Star Fun Rally will feature the La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa, located in Montgomery, Texas.
The meticulously planned La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa, which recently underwent a 130 million expansion and renovation, will provide Rally guests with an unforgettable vacation experience. Guests of this AAA Four-Diamond Texas Resort can expect to find a family friendly, European-inspired lakeside retreat featuring an inspired balance between nature relaxation and world class sophistication. A great destination for the entire family, La Torretta has the spectacular scenery and the shear elegance of a world-class Texas resort. Guests will enjoy the finest amenities while being pampered by a contentious, experienced staff.
Recent Fun Rallies have seen the average age of attendees falling, perhaps reflective of De Tomasos changing hands to the next generation. These younger Detomaso owners have begun to bring their families to the event. La Torretta features an exciting program for children ages 5-11, complete with their own private playground, and supervised by the Adventure Pointe’s activities staff. Teenagers visiting La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa now have a place to call their very own in The Edge, which features over-stuffed furniture, cool games and the latest in technology, including a WII. The Edge creates a teenage environment that is perfect for hanging out, having fun, or just relaxing.
La Torretta accommodations have a charming open floor plan, well-appointed art, plush furnishings, and an eclectic mix of colors and textures. Each suite also features a king bed or two double beds, wireless internet, and a private balcony with sweeping views of Lake Conroe.

The Aqua Park is home to La Torretta Lake Resort's multiple pools featuring an elegant heated upper pool with an infinity edge that cascades down into a 6,400 sq. ft. Mediterranean pool. Other pools include the Breeze Buster pool, the Splash Scape pool with an in-water playground, and the Pollywogs pool for the youngest of water lovers. A sandy beach is located on a quiet lake inlet and is ideal for sunning or splashing around in beautiful Lake Conroe.

While the Lone Star Fun Rally Agenda will offer plenty of activities to keep you busy, this is Texas, and here you can choose your own path. The Club at La Torretta Golf experience brings together perfectly manicured 18 holes of golf, top golf instruction, and a traditional surrounding of the Golf Club House all in one location, La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa. The course was re-designed by Jeffery D. Blume, Limited in April 2007 to a very challenging and exciting Par 71 course for all skill sets.

You and your spouse have access to their 10,000 square foot fitness center featuring cardio, free weights, yoga, Pilates and spin studios – complete with personal trainers, customized classes, racquetball courts and an adjacent tennis center.

While you are burning excessive petrol at full throttle along those Texas backroads or at the TWS track, your spouse may enjoy peace of mind, body and soul at SpaTerre, the internationally inspired Spa offering unparalleled comfort and world-class amenities. This 17,000 square foot refuge from life’s stresses boasts separate men’s and women’s retreats with relaxation lounges, Zen inspired gardens, shiatsu massage chairs, flotation journeys and outdoor terraces. SpaTerre is also home to a full-service Aveda salon, barber shop and 13 treatment rooms including couples treatment rooms where Global Rituals, Massages and Body Treatments melt our member’s cares away.

Carbon footprint you ask? Yeah, probably not. Guilty about driving a brutish environmentally less friendly high powered Sports Car? Of course not! But to provide a bit of eco-balance, La Torretta goes to great lengths to make sure everything they do is as eco-friendly as possible. Living in this lovely environment is not a luxury we take lightly. A resort can only be as beautiful as the land it inhabits.

Our suite rates at the La Torretta will be $139/ night – admittedly a little more than recent Fun Rallies. However, this is a great rate for the superior quality, features and services the resort provides. Additional there is a $5/ night resort fee. We have negotiated significant discounts off La Torretta’s standard rates.

With a variety of unforgettable restaurants and cafes to choose from, you’ll have a wide range of options to help satisfy your taste cravings. At Prime you can experience farm fresh, New American Cuisine in this casually elegant and relaxing waterfront restaurant. At Energie-High Energy Sports Bar, come listen to music, watch sports games or simply enjoy great conversation with friends. Essence Cafe-Spa dining features all healthy foods. At Mokka Cafe-Coffee Bar and Bakery, guests can enjoy perfectly prepared delights. At the Yoi Sushi Bar-Elegant Sushi Bar a well-trained team is committed to sourcing the best, freshest fish available. Other La Torretta amenities include:
• Indoor Pool
• Outdoor Pools
• Wireless Internet Access Avail
• Free Wifi
• Dining On Site
• Golf Course On Site
• Fitness Room
• Tennis Court
• Business Center
• High-Speed Internet Access
• Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
• Spa
• Free Parking
The Fun Rally Committee hopes that you will join us at the La Torretta Resort. Long time Fun Rally participants understand that the event’s financial success is incumbent on us meeting room targets at the resort. Achieving these goals, provides us the hospitality suite, bar and banquet discounts that we are able to pass on to the registrants through lower fees. We believe the 2015 POCA Lone Star Fun Rally, when considered as a complete package, is a great value. While our Event Agenda is still taking shape, this year’s planned activities include a NASA tour, the pig roast, a car museum visit, a tour of a renown tuner shop, access to the Bush Presidential library, TWS Speedway, car shows, and a Texas historical visit. The more people who participate and DeTomaso cars in attendance, the more enjoyable the experience for everyone. We hope to see you there.
When you are ready to make your La Torretta reservation, contact the resort at 1.877.784.6835. Remember to let them know that you are with “The Pantera Owners Club of America” to get your discount rates.
For mapping purposes, the La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa is located at 600 La Torretta Boulevard, Montgomery TX 77356 United States.
Their website is
This is a correction to my earlier posting regarding reservations at the La Torretta resort & Family Spa.

When you are ready to make your La Torretta reservation, a dedicated website is now available to book your 2015 POCA Lone Star Fun Rally reservations on line. As a reminder, the Fun Rally dates are Friday May 19th through Tuesday May 20th. Be certain to check in by Friday afternoon as the Car Show that starts at 5:00pm Friday evening. To book your reservations, go to the following link.

Alternatively, you can still book your reservations via phone by calling the Resort’s direct phone number at (936) 448 4400, select option1, then option 2. Let them know that you are with the Pantera Owners Club of America to receive the reduced rates. Please do NOT call their “877” national reservations number as that group will not be aware of the discount room rates that we have initiated.

Hope to see you there.

Further to John's announcement, the track event information has been updated.

All this will be in the POCA newsletter soon (October).

You can find what you need to reserve your place NOW for the Texas World Speedway Track Event on the Space City Panteras website.

Some of you have asked for a one day track outing… Very sorry, it’s two days or nothing, I’m afraid.

Keep in mind that this event will fill up very, very fast, so if you want in, as many of you have indicated, then make your reservations now.
If you have reservations about doing two days and feel you won’t be able to do that, let me know and I’ll update the list.

We have obtained special privileges getting an early registration.

The event will fill up regardless of how many Panteras show up… Just letting you know!

Register early!

Let me know if there are any questions, concerns or whatever…


Originally posted by JTpantera:
The POCA 2015 Lone Star Fun Rally raises the bar with the finest resort ever to host a Fun Rally. [/url]
Important notice!!!
The track event fee is $335 now.

Check or PayPal ( to me will work. See the registration document.

May 16-17, 2015

Update #17

I want to reiterate that we are getting special treatment by being able to register early.

Once the Driver’s Edge opens the event to the general public, it will fill up damned near instantaneously. So, if you don’t register soon, you will not get on the track.

For all you folks who have a Pantera but are proposing your ‘backup car', please do your best to bring the Pantera. After all, it _is_ a Pantera event You’ve got over 3 months to get it going! That’s good motivation!

You can pre-register here for the track event. All information should be there, but contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks to those who already registered!!!

As mentioned in the Fun Rally initial promotion, Texas World Speedway is closing. We all knew it was coming for years, but this is it. Our event will probably be the last one. See info from management at the bottom of this email.

The question was asked 'Are mufflers required?'
Tom Upton races there all the time and he responded:
"Track has same as SCCA. 104 db @ 70 ft, but I have not seen it being enforced even though I went to great pains to meet it."

New information - This is important. PLEASE READ.
One of the guys here asked about seat belts. The Driver’s Edge accepts stock seats with the standard three point belts.
However, if you have upgraded to a racing seat or a harness you must have an anti-submarine belt.
Some confusion results when people talk about this. For example...
My race car has a Simpson snap latch system consisting of:
Lap belts - 2 mount points
Anti-submarine belt - 1 mount point
Should belts in a V to a single mount point - 1 mount point
Total 4
This is acceptable to The Driver’s Edge.

Personally, I will be upgrading my setup to a 5 point by separating the shoulder belts so it works with my Hans device better.
CVAR, SCCA and others are all saying you need 5 or 6 point mounts. The 6th is a ‘Y’ anti-submarining belt.

If that’s not clear, let me know. This may generate some discussion, but that’s OK. 4 point to some people mean two lap belts and two shoulder belts with no anti-submarine belt. This will not be accepted.

Also, your belts will need to be within the acceptable date range. If they are older than 5 years, you really need to change them!

We have one cancelation this time.

If despite your best intentions, you can't make it, just notify me and I'll take you off the list.

Note: I have received a lot of emails and I may have missed one or two of you. If you don't see your name and you told me you were coming (or paid!) let me know.

27 are registered and paid! Thanks!

The ‘I’m already pre-registered and I’ve paid! Thank you very much!’ crowd.

Mike Trusty - GT40
Bill Moore - Pantera
Mike Simmons - Pantera/Aston Martin/Ferrari
Kirby Schrader - Pantera
Charles (Chuck) Huber - Pantera
Chuck Engles - Pantera
Alex Engles - Pantera
Robert Knox - Pantera
Ed Nagel - Pantera
Rob Pink - Pantera (240Z backup)
David Adin aka Dirty and Grouchy, David from Durango, etc. etc. - Pantera
Will Kooiman - Pantera
Ron McCall - Pantera
Phil Tomlinson - Pantera (Scion FR-S backup)
John Conder - Pantera (Corvette backup)
Anthony (Tony) La Sorsa - Pantera
David Bell - Pantera
Jerry Knotts - Pantera
Dennis Quella - Pantera
Jeff Detrich - Pantera
Keith Verges - No Pantera, but he wants to join his old Pantera friends
Rich Hoppe - Pizza Pantera
Bob Benson - Pantera
Nick Sakulenzki - Pantera
Tom Upton - Pantera
Dale Eriksen - Pantera
Bill Bitner - Pantera
who is it going to be?

The 'for damned sure I'll be there' crowd.
(Where ARE you guys?)

Dave Londry - Pantera (needs to sort out tires)
John Neal - Pantera
John Johnson - Pantera

We’ve lost our Kansas buddies due to circumstances beyond their control…

The 'heard they were interested, but not sure' crowd.
- Richard Boschert - Pantera
- Garth Rodericks - Pantera
- Steve Hawkins - Pantera (requires some assembly)
- Dick Koch - Pantera
- Brent Stewart - Pantera

The "some/much assembly required before being track ready" crowd.
- Dylan Schrader - Pantera
- Louis Schlaudt - Pantera
- Michael Frazier - Pantera

The 'should come but probably won't' crowd
- Asa Jay - He is thinking about it though...
- John Bentley
- Dennis Antennuci (aka Mad Dawg) - Pantera (he finally realized he's getting too old)

Again, this will be the last event to take place at Texas World Speedway. Make sure you're there to experience it!

I hereby faithfully promise to annoy everyone with regular updates over the coming months.


Links: Texas World Speedway -

Yes, it is closing....
Email to all track event organizers from TWS management:
Greetings all,
The official word on 2015 is that we will be booking through May 31st. The track may or may not be operating beyond that date, but ownership is comfortable making commitments through the end of May.

I realize that this will put most of you in a position of having to book elsewhere from June 1 forward, which is why I asked the owners to give us a firm date on the closure.

I expect increased demand on dates from this point on. Currently all weekends are booked through the end of 2014 with the exception of Aug 30-31. For 2015 dates we will continue to operate on a "legacy" basis, i.e. if your group had the 3rd weekend in March this year, you have first right of refusal on that same weekend next year. That means that all dates through May 31, 2015are set as tentative already. You can view the 2015 schedule on our website at http://www.texasworldspeedway..../track-schedule.html and scroll forward to 2015.
Note that weekends that were open in 2014 have been filled with groups that had previously requested new/additional dates, in the order that they were received.

This is important: I need a confirmation for your proposed 2015 dates by next Friday Aug 29th. If you are, or have made other plans for next Spring and do not plan to carry over one or more of your 2014 weekend's) I need to know now. We already have groups asking to come back to TWS for one final event, and some of our current customers are asking for additional dates. If there will be openings in the Spring schedule due to a change in your club's plans we need to know that asap please.

Likewise, if you want to change, trade or add an additional weekend or want to extend your weekend to Friday or Monday (or more) please let me know asap. I will do what I can to accommodate.

Posted by: Kirby Schrader
Fun Rally Attendees

If you think you may want to visit the NBL on Saturday morning, please send an e-mail to John Haas, with your name and country of citizenship. If you are not a US citizen, John must have your name and country of citizenship by April 16th. Providing your name does not commit you to the event should you elect an alternative activity on that day. However, not providing your information will exclude you from the opportunity.

The Fun Rally will be in Texas shortly. We are gearing up to provide everyone a great time. We look forward to seeing you here.


Bouyancy LabThe Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) is NASA’s astronaut training facility located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The NBL is an engineering marvel. It consists of an indoor pool 202 feet in length, 102 feet wide, 40 feet deep, and contains 6.2 million gallons of water. That’s 23.5 million liters for you scientists and Europeans! The pool is used to train astronauts for spacewalks in upcoming missions. The NBL contains full-sized mock-ups of the International Space Station (ISS) modules and payloads including an operational version of the ISS robotic shuttle arm. After the NBL, we’re off to Rocket Park. It’s a history of the rockets used in the Space Program. Lots of horsepower! There we’ll see a Saturn V Rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built. Its design played a major role in successfully transporting and landing American astronauts on the moon during the Apollo missions. Over 360 feet tall and parked on its side for excellent viewing, this Saturn V is one of only three left in existence. After lunch, you may return to the Resort or visit the San Jacinto Monument

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: The names of ALL NBL participants will have to be submitted to the NASA badging office 30 days in advance to allow for non-US citizens to attend. Your name and country of citizenship MUST be provided to John Haas,, by April 16, 2015. Even if you’re unsure whether you might attend this event, get on the list just in case.
A reminder that rooms at our discount price at the LaTorretta resort are only available to April 20th (7 days). Any remaining rooms from our reserved block will be offered to the general public.

A snippet from the Preview mailed to members and available for complete viewing on the POCA website.

"La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa has set aside rooms for us until April 20th. All rooms are suites. Our rate is $139 per night and that rate is available for rooms reserved from May 12th to the 21st so you can come early or stay later for an extended vacation using our group hotel rate. A dedicated website is now available to book your reservations on line.

You can also book your reservation by calling the resort’s direct phone number, (936) 448-4400, select option 1, then option 2. Let them know that you are with the Pantera Owners Club of America to receive the Club’s reduced rates. Please DO NOT call their “877” national reservations number as that group will not be aware of our discounted room rates.

Make your hotel reservations early! You can always cancel with a full refund up to 72 hours prior to your confirmed arrival time."


Fun Rally is just a few weeks away. Texas is getting ready for you.

David Bell is scheduled to lead a drive to the Blue Bell Creamery for an Ice Cream tour as one of the Fun Rally activities. However, Blue Bell has gotten a black-eye in the national news recently with product tainted with listeria. The family owned business has elected to recall all product and voluntarily close their facilities to cleanse the lines. At this time, probably not the best tour opportunity. Ya Think!!

We have replaced the tour with a visit to the De Lorean Motor Car Factory. Yes, they are still built here in Humble, TX. Steve Wynn owns the company and purchased all leftover inventory from the original factory. They are a full restoration shop and are even building an electric version for sale. They are a passionate bunch and have a good display of DMC-12s in progressive stages of assembly.

We are delighted that Tom Tjaarda will be joining us and presenting his recent projects and thoughts at the Banquet. Tom, now in his 80s, will be present for the entire event and perhaps with a bit of coaxing, may sign your dash.

I hope that you will join us at this year's POCA Lone Star Rally. The new geography will bring some different faces and cars generally not seen on the west coast.

We are submitting the order for Rally shirts next week. Whether you are coming to the Rally or not, you may take advantage of the shirt offer. Info is on the POCA website. Please do so before next Tuesday.

John Taphorn
This is certainly the final stretch before the Fun Rally in Texas starts next Friday! For those committed to come and who wish to pre-plan their stay, here is a link to the Rally's itinerary.

As an co-organizer of the event, there was the concern that if you built the Rally outside of the western US, would they come? Fortunately, the answer is yes! I suspect that we will exceed 200 guests at the event. For those on the fence, it is not to late to join us. For those registered, we appreciate your support and look forward to embracing you with our Texas hospitality.


John Taphorn
Guests began arriving yesterday for the Fun Rally with most everyone stepping in to stage the Hospitality Suite or stuff registration packets. Morning weather was sunny and showers came in the afternoon. Hopefully mother nature will be kinder the next several days.

I've got a call out to those who have not left for the Resort yet. We are in need of the following parts. Please bring them if you have them in your excess inventory pile.

1) Clutch master cylinder ( I thought that I saw an earlier post where someone was bringing extras)
2) An "L" model windshield wiper switch. The rocker switch style verses the twist knob.

If you have one or the other please text me at 713.553.5475.

Hey John,

Now that everyone's started showing up for the Fun Rally, how about starting an online photo album/gallery either here or on some other site that won't limit image size where anyone in attendance can upload their pictures so those of us who couldn't make it can experience it vicariously through everyone's pictures.

I know Ed Mendez asked folks to send pictures to him, but we'd much prefer a gallery rather than a bunch of individual FP postings with reduced image size/quality.

Have fun, be safe, and please share lots of pictures.

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