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That's my auction.

Most of the mechanicals are done. You will need to trim some sheet metal under the dash very similar to the Dutch kit.

You need to attach your ignition switch to the column and the directional signal as well. You can use your existing steering column as a templet.

The universal joint needs to be adapted to the Pantera D steering drive shaft and the supplied bottom attaching bracket to the Pantera's particulars.

It appears that you just need to supply 12v to the unit and use the existing program in the cpu.

Other premade kits are just using a potentiometer as a "dimmer" switch to adjust the amount of assist rather then needing a VSS (vehicle speed sensor).

The "tilt" portion of the column for raising and lowering the height of the wheel will be usable but I'm not sure if the telescopic feature can be retained. There is so little room to work with under the dash it's tough to tell until you try it.

The price reflects these considerations BUT there are definitely those who would prefer a little bit of a challenge to the project rather then just a straight bolt in...and yes there are now complete bolt in kits available with similar components used.

Those did not yet exist when I "engineered" this one.
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