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It looks like they ran out of paint at the factory, the right side of my roof doesn't have any. There is some very light surface rust but I feel like I should do something before having the new headliner installed.

What would you suggest? Painting upside down doesn't sound like much fun.
Spray paint isn't a great option because masking would be difficult. I'd need something that the glue will stick to well.

By the way, removing that old glue was not fun at all. 3M Adhesive remover and plastic razor blades and shopvac worked pretty well. I've lost even more brain cells though.

3CD617C1-C129-4838-8BB0-FD58BA5405B7E521D977-1A02-4952-9841-4611D9499B10What about something like this?


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Any of the rust removers or rust neutralizers will help (Loctite, Navy Jelly, or phosphoric acid aka concrete etch).  In this case it is difficult because it is a roof and the liquids tend to fall to the floor.  You can also sand it with coarse grit which might be easier.  If treated with a liquid it will still need sanding.  Once the rust is knocked off then it needs paint.  Spray is easy but brushed on POR works well as Jimmy suggested although it can leave brush marks.

127EA534-10CB-478F-9434-E04BD669030860533260-C3C4-4E1F-80D8-FFD6B962A3D76B66981A-DACA-4C47-AB25-7A2A87CAC1AC508A96FF-97F0-4CC8-B495-CE2139ADF76FAfter obtaining a solid and clean mounting surface I covered the entire cabin roof with a single layer of Dynamat.

I used a heat gun to preheat the roof to enhance adhesion and covered all seams with 2 inch HVAC aluminum foil tape. Lots of roller rubbing to remove air bubbles and maximize adhesion

for headliner I chose a commercial foam backed headliner material in black and aerosol 3M headliner adhesive.

I successfully did a minimal amount of masking, as I always used a cardboard edge guard to confine the spray as I proceeded gluing the entire piece, starting at the center of the windshield.

I used a heavy steel straight edge to hold the rear of the headliner on a suspended plywood shelf. Followed adhesive instructions carefully working section by section down the center and to the sides

Cut the excess fabric from the purposely oversized headliner and did a lot of firm but gentle pressure rubbing to maximize adhesion.

car now has about 1500 miles on her, about half of that in 90°-105° California sun. No sagging or smell from the Dynamat



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+1 on the phosphoric acid. If you live in an area where there is any dairy farming you can also use milkstone remover, used for cleaning out milking machines. Can be bought from farming supply shop, and is around £12 per gallon in the UK , so probably half the price in the US. Water it down about 50/50 then spray it on with a squirty bottle.

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