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So I have decided to build the Pantera that I always wanted... I have had 6 Panteras in the past and bought this one as a GT4 project from the beginning. But changed my mind and have now started my build to a clone GT5-S Targa. I have a Coyote (Ford Mustang GT 5.0 2016) engine ready for it and 17" Campy clones. The build will be as if it would have been built in the factory, but with better changes to the body structure and more modern items, such as Hydraulic Servo steering, new electrical system (much lighter and more modern, no amp meeter but a volt meeter instead), Holley dominator ecu, lower battery box, laydown radiator and much more... I will keep this post updated as the progress is going on.IMG_5345IMG_5342IMG_5339IMG_4498IMG_4506


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Awesome and good luck, please keep us posted with plenty of updates and photos. I had thought of doing something very similar and have a set of 5S fenders. What under chassis strengthening did you do? How will you seal the roof section and how will it latch?

A massive project. There's some 20 FEET of meticulous TIG welding and body work needed to add GT5-s fender flares to an early Pantera. And cutting the roof weakens the monococque enough that on an unstiffened chassis, punching the throttle while driving frequently opens one or both doors from body flex! Gary Hall and a few other old-time Pantera shops used to do this mod, but none do it any more. There's a network of heavy wall 2" square tubes, with braces thru the rocker panels and under the floor on a couple I've seen. No photos that I know of.

Yes I know it is a massive project, but also a fun one:-).

The new design, improvements and reinforcement design in the chassis is done by the well known Goran Malmberg ( who has written books about how to strengthen chassis and so on. And since he has been my "mechanic" since 1986 and now his son is my mechanic and builder of the Targa, I feel very confident that the chassis will be as stiff and good as possible without to many/much sacrifice. In anyway, it will be much stiffer than the Pavesi original and since my car will not be dedicated track car (I have a Mclaren for that) and one that will be driven for enjoyment, I think it will be fine without popping doors or flexing the body to much (it will be some flex, otherwise we have to make it with roll cage and more and that's not the goal)

Yes I am in good hands and fully trust that the work will be sufficient and good.

Regarding Simon statement: Yes I have seen how Pavesi built their Targas and let me say that I was not very impressed. But on the other hand they were built a long time ago and knowledge and materials/methods have improved since then.  I have full confidence that my builders and their structure and chassis knowledge will be able to build a more rigid structure that will fit my needs (and with the roof on it will be more rigid than a coupe).

It’s been a tough year so I had to pause my build. My wife died of cancer only 50 years old and I have spent the year in sorrow and concentrating on our kids.

But now the project is on again. Thanks to all vendors that have supplied parts. Mostly good , but one part that I regret that I didn’t go for the original (due to cost) was the GT5s steel kit… it was a pain to get it aligned and fitted with correct measurements. It was not equal left and right and had a difference of approx 2 inches. And the front was terrible to get it to fit correctly. I think we spent at least approx 100 hours to redo the flares and make the correct alignment and measures… it would have been cheaper to just make them ourself. But now they are on and they now look great.

The engine (coyote 2016 gen 2) have been installed and fitted. Going for the Edelbrock proflo 4 plus to control the engine.

The Targa is fitted and we decided on a different approach for the fasteners and went with a special made lock that has to be screwed in place. To try to make it as tight and waterproof as possible. Guides and 4 screws/bolts.

In Jan we will start with the interior and continue to put the car together.

It now will have hydraulic power steering and a lift system in front. I had to modify the campy clone wheels and change offsets on the rear rims to get them in appropriate position, now looks great.

The car was painted a week ago and that was a nice Xmas gift, to finally get to the turning point and see how it will look like.

Merry Xmas

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