It was obviously in reverse when it crashed so it couldn't have been going very fast.

Backed up off a cliff, then hit by a meteor?

(This needs to be added to the registry.  When this shows up as a nice car we'll know the VIN has been re-purposed or that the greatest fabricator that has ever lived bought it.)

You guys think that cars bad? Theres a worse one I've seen pics of burried in a warehouse in Hialeah. It is completely crushed, MUCH worse than this one. Got crushed, that is, when the HOUSE fell on it, after the FIRE burnt the house down! It's a burned pancake.

That is one seriously destroyed Pantera. Complete restoration is about as likely as them getting $16K for it, clean title or not, and I’m not seeing much in the way of usable parts. 

I’m going to go sit in the garage and stare at mine and be thankful that it’s in one drivable piece.

Let's play point out the parts that might be usable:

brake booster plate
master cylinder
clutch master cylinder (but reservoir is destroyed)
1 windshield wiper arm
windshield wiper motor might be there
hood latch
stock radiator (doubtful, but it is there and does not seem to be bent)
passenger side front A-arm
AC box
transaxle shiftbox and linkage
door switch
intake manifold
10 lug nuts
gas cap


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