Yesterday my father took ownership of car 9290 a 1984 GT5. The car is white with burgundy interior. Roughly 14K miles.
He has been searching for many years for a car in this color combination to match the brochure he got back in '84 from Stauffer Classics.
A HUGE thanks has to go to George Pence for putting me in contact with the owner as a pic of the car appeared in the Pantera International publication. The car will reside in Wisconsin next to a white '74.
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I'll see what I can do. I have a lot of photos of the car but am having a tough time copying them to other formats since I just have them in e-mail form from the guy he bought it from.
Oh my God. Does George know that you publicly "outed" him? He actually recommended that someone buy a WHITE Pantera???? Big Grin Glad that he has finally seen the “white”, and that your family have added another Pantera to the garage. As Deeb (David) will tell you, owning two white Panteras at once is a fun but rewarding handful. Congratulations!
In George's defence....
Maybe he thought he said a "bright colour" not a a "white colour"
and yes that's how we spell colour downunder!
Wow. George, a closet white knight?

Remember, white is not a color, but the anticipation of color. It's beauty surfaces once surrounded by the world in which it rides.

White and burgundy '84 in PI Mag? What issue was that? I have to look it up. Sounds beautiful! Congratulations. And let's see some pics!
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