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I'm looking for a Pantera. I owned a '74L in the late 70s but haven't kept up with technical developments or prices in the intervening years. I bought it from an individual for $10,000 and sold to another individual around 1980 for $15,000. Can someone enlighten me as to the current state of the market and also if there is any published information on how to buy a Pantera and what to watch out for? I'm aware of the rust and overheating problems as my prior car had these.

Thanks for any help!

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Mike, between the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience on this forum (search for specific information using FIND) and Mike Dailey's amazing website at, you will find everything you need to know. As far as the market goes, many people agree that it is getting hard to find a good Pantera for under $30K and some nice ones are getting substantially more. If you review the cars for sale/sold section here and check out the PI site, you will get a good idea of what you'll need to pay to get what you want. As far as I'm concerned, you still can't come close to duplicating the rarity, excitement and performance of a Pantera for anywhere near the price. Good luck and welcome back!
Mike - check out the "how to buy" page on my website for more info on how to buy a Pantera and links to other resources on the web:

Also, check out my "links" page for links to various sites that often have Panteras for sale.

There are several nice looking cars on Chuck Melton's website at the present, and one of them recently reduced their price:

Also be sure to check out Chuck's 'sold index' which lists Pantera sales transactions for a sense of what the market is like these days:

Lastly, there are a couple of Pantera's currently available in the SF Bay Area on

Good luck, and welcome back to the world of Panteras!
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