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Here is my problem. I have the car with cylinder #7 dead. It is a a local shop now
but the engine was built elsewhere. The engine builders want to inspect the engine
to see what went wrong and fix it. I don't know if they know anything about pulling an
engine from a Pantera. I understand they don't want to take someone elses word on what failed. Should I take the car over or have the engine pulled locally (by someone who does know how to do this) and just take the engine. And to think before it died I thought I was just going to need the carb adjusted. 8-(( Thanks for any thoughts.
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Take the whole car over. Most things can be inspected and repaired in place with a bit of effort (there's a hatch behind the seats that allows access to the whole front of the motor). Tell them that if they need the engine out, to remove the distributor cap- it has been known to break the rear glass during an engine pull. The engine and trans can be pulled as a unit, with the balence point at the rear of the heads. FYI, the heads can be removed without pulling the motor. Also, there are multiple ways to screw up royally if you're familiar with Chev V-8s but not Ford V-8s and specifically the 351C. We have many Pantera engine specialists scattered across the country; what area are you in? Good luck- J Deryke
I plan on taking the car over now. A local
Pantera guy (Dave Aument from Lancaster) has
offered the use of his truck and trailer to get it there. I am glad to hear most things can be done without pulling the engine. That was bothering me as I doubt this place has much if any experience with Panteras. They must know the 351C though as they built it.
Until it died it was running great. I am in
the Philadelpha, Pa area. There are several
P-car owners listed in the POCA members directory. Thanks for the info.
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