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The rear rails of my Pantera are not straight, they are slightly bent, the two sides are exactly the same and I think it's normal but I would be absolutely certain because it would have been easier to make them straight and I do not understand what it's useful for.

I fixed a rule below:

and we can see that there is a hollow of almost 1/2 "

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On purely a speculation, I'm guessing that the 1/2" "knee" is a designed in "crown" in what is essentially the main beam of the car.

You can see that in steel long span structures, wood frame joists and even on flat bed trailers to compensate for the natural intended bending of them under load.

I never heard of that in the design of cars since the length of the "span" from front to rear axles isn't usually that long but it does make sense that there is provision for it.

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