hello guys im in need of rear rotors i was reading on here that its possible to order 65-67 mustang is that correct? if so does anyone have the correct part number and place i can order from .
1973 detomaso pantera.
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Mike Drew was heavily involved in the Mustang rotor group buys. The supply of the rotor without the hub dried up and he actually got some commissioned, but diameter is not suitable for the Pantera rears.
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That would probably cost more than stock rotors from Wilkinson.

For sure. You need to state your criteria. Is it for price? Is it to replace the existing cheaper then from the Pantera vendors?

I personally would go with the vented rear rotors.
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+1 on vented rotors

One advantage of separate hats & rotors is you can move them outboard, so you don't have to disassemble the axles for future changes.

Yes. Absolutely. Not that there is necessarily a problem with the stock rear brakes BUT they definitely could be better and easier to service.

Installing the rotors on the outer side of the flange helps that. Watch your wheel stud lengths. Make sure that you are not loosing length.

It would be a good time to consider changing the studs as well.

Also if you go that route with the hats on the outside of the wheel flange, you are shimming out the wheel by that thickness so check you tire clearances to the fender flanges and verify that you are still ok.

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