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It is always reassuring each year at this time that our California Air Resources Board also generously offers us a $1000 bounty to acquire, then crush our gross polluters.

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$43 of my $181 yearly DMV fee is for the personalized plate - what's your registration cost per year?



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Ron probably has more details, but in my experience a "Gross Polluter" was a car that failed testing multiple times.  So it might be that the "Check Engine" light is on, but for cars of older vintage, those that failed the emissions tailpipe testing.

I had two GPs back in the day when I lived in California - a '74 Toyota Landcruiser (which I eventually got to pass) and a '7? MGB (which I ended up selling at a loss because I was screwed, all the smog equipment had been removed, it had a weber carb, and it was failing). 

The MGB I brought in from Florida before I understood how the CA smog process worked.  Honestly, it was a nightmare.


In Tennessee you can use a vintage correct TN Plate and use it FOREVER with ZERO registration renewal cost for as long as you own the car.  

Total Cost for the lifetime registration is $32.75 

Pay it 1 time and you never mess with registering the car ever again. 

In TN there are no smog checks (except for around the Nashville area) or inspections required for ANY cars.

Here's my vintage 73 TN Tag; its been on there for about 15 years now.

Early Morning Pantera



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