Larry are we using the entire 4 mile road course of just part of it during the Reno Fun Rally?

Any maps of the road course we will be using?

Just need to make sure I have the right gearing. burn rubber
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Hi Mark,

Spring Mountain was set up to be available as two separate courses; the N/S we used, or you could add the West portion to get the full 3.2 miles. And add a lot more $$ in the process.

The Reno/Fernley track is rented in full - the specific layout is up to the client. Unlike Spring Mt., it is not possible for another run group to rent the course at the same time as us.

This does result in higher track rental fees, but they are very close to Spring Mountain's long course fees.

I have in fact just spent the better part of this afternoon crunching figures for the 2009 event. Some increase in driver fees will be needed. But I've polled the drivers for the past two years at Vegas, and all said they would pony up additional $$ for a longer course.

How much more we will need, I'm not sure. I still have some detail questions for Reno/Fernley before I can estimate final expenses. I of course want to keep increases as small as possible, but our Chapter is not in the habit of running a money-loser, either. I'll be going before the PCNC Board later this week with some budget proposals.

But in a nutshell, prepare for a longer course. Exact configuration though is still up in the air.

Larry Finch

PCNC Motorsports Director
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