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Has anyone drilled these out and replaced them with some snazzy bolts? I don't know if I should have them show or put them under the new carpet. Bumps will look stupid I think. The paint on the under side is 35 years old and still looks like new so, if I weld there will be something else to fix. This never ends.IMG_0450


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I'm getting ready to close the coffin by installing the carpet over the rivets. It will have little bumps I guess and I'll need to live with it IMG_0452not unless anyone has another idea.

welding the brackets on the inside is a better way , but if you dont like to do this , install the carpets over the rivets.

Or when you have thin upholstery like the original felt ,you also can pop rivet them treu the felt and keep it as is or paint them black.

as write before it was a cheap solution and was add by the dealer and belongs to your car.

But it is your car and you can do the way you like it.


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