I have tried to contact Roin in Italy via their web site twice now.

But no reply? I would like their 15X10 alloy wheels for my car and being in the UK it makes sense to buy direct rather than ask Mr Fiat in the USA.
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Hello Rocky, thank you for your efforts, which have shown me that Roin don't do a campagnolo replica in alloy which I assumed they did!

(Never assume) now I'm buggered again, for Marvic prices are just not in my league.

But their wheels are "Magnifico"

best Peter
Joules, I obviously made one of those things humans occasionally do.

Its called a mistake.

The clip you show to contact Roin, I have used 3 times now, without a reply.

I was contacted today by a UK owner who has bought the Roin Campagnolo Clone wheels, and he has given me E mail details of his contacts there.
Apologies to you and Rocky for misunderstanding the information, I'm just getting too old these days.

Wake up at the back I hear you cry!

No worries mate, I know your GTS is dying for a set of 10" wheels and didn't want you to give up too easily Wink
Hell you could almost make a trip of it and drive over and get them!

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