Has anyone discovered a rattle can brand of spray paint that matches the finish on these parts?

The paint is flaking off of mine. I could just repaint them flat or semi-flat black, but I will match the original if I can.
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Thanks for the replies.

Have any of your tried the VHT/Rustoleum options?

Most of the wrinkle paints I have used before (say on a valve cover) had a coarser finish than these Pantera parts have.

Checking to see if I can find anything about SEM online now...
Ive done wrinkle paint from a spray can on engine and dashboard parts, and the directions did NOTt say 'heat the poo out of the freshly coated part'.... I had to use 150F in an oven for about 15 minutes to get consistent wrinkles. If you use an oven, might be a good idea to remove any plastic or rubber from whatever you are wrinkle-painting. Don't remember the brand of spraypaint now.
So far the most promising looking paint is the black Rustoleum texture paint.

Eastwood has a black texture powder coat (and I have a powder coating gun) But I don't want to put my rear view mirror in an oven. I don't know what that would do to the mirror - and mine still has an original looking sticker on the mirror. That would definitely melt/burn.

Not sure what the oven would do to the chrome on the ashtray. It would probably be okay.

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