In the link below are a few photos & video from the event at Huntington Beach CA on October 6. They said close to 1,000 cars were submitted for consideration to be selected for the show in which 50 cars from the public would get final selection to attend. They selected a couple of my Panteras (dark cranberry group 4 and red GT5S) but I just went with my GT5S aka "99 PROOF". Tony Ortiz also was selected with his black super custom Pantera and also Dave in his yellow stock body Pantera. I wish I took more photos, but I tried to just enjoy the event rather than busy buddy all day with the camera. Tony picked up a cool trophy for best custom car at the show, damn thing weight like 50 lbs! So that was a great shout out for Pantera customs! Sammy Hagar, REO and other headliners were excellent and of course the best part of the show!



IMG_4201 by JanDaMan, on Flickr
IMG_4302 by JanDaMan, on Flickr
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Nice picture by the billboard of rabid Sammy Hagar fans!

Too bad it’s not the real thing, that would make an even better picture!

Your car looks great, so does Tony’s!

- Nice gigantic “head” trophy - he can use that for driving in the HOV lane!

OBTW.... If you want the factory “builtsheet” I know a guy....

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