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Maybe if I declared myself "Sea-King"?

Anyway - I doubt I will have much effect, but "seeking" is in the title of 75% of the posts.  It's madness!!

I am sure that we are all seekers - but maybe we can come up with more snappy titles to our topics...  or at least eliminate this word that adds no value....  It's like my 17 Y/O daughter saying "like" three times in every sentence!

I'll have to try the search feature, and seek on "seeking"!  I'll probably get about 600 threads since January! 


Question to self....  "Should I post this?  Is it constructive?  Does it help the community in some small way?"

Answer:  YES


PSS>  I crack my self up!

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Maybe he's just a dedicated follower of fashion!

I'm seeking to understand why there is so much drivel creeping into threads, some people seem to feel the need to comment on everything with no added value. The thread with the De Tomaso photo and owner is a classic example, why not just leave it alone and enjoy the pictures!

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