WHen I shift it feels like I hit resistance and get stuck in the neutral area as I shift. I have to use some muscle to get it over and into gear. No grinding at all with any of my gears. Is this a quick fix?

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I'm not sure if this is cause or effect of my problem above but I found the "anchor" which the shift linkage slides in/out is no longer attached to the chassis. This isn't the trunion but instead it's located just rear of the motor mount.

I'm not sure if this is cause for the problem in my first post or a result of it.

Thanks again for the info!
First I would disconnect the linkage at the ZF
and shift, that will tell you if it's in the linkage rail.If that's OK it could be in the ZF at the cross shaft, if it's stiff in all gears you could have a broken spring that will make a spacer on the cross shaft preload at 45 deg. witch will make the cross shaft hard to rotate.That is where I would start.If the shift rail is stiff when disconnected you may have to remove the detent in the shifter box in the car and work your way back to see the problem.

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