The 'best' and 'most economic' are usually mutually exclusive!

We ship parcels including Christams gifts etc. back to UK family and always use USPS Airmail Parcel Post. Usually takes 4-7 days to arrive, depending if it gets held in UK customs. Items that look or are declared as expensive often get hit with import duties as well, we increase our chances of it slipping in by wrapping it up and declaring it on the customs form as a gift.

I was thinking the same ... I have plenty of packing material in the shop .. I was also thinking of some sort of shipping crate ?? light weight .. I checked Joules is right .. the only thing is customs .. but USPS Parcel Post is the cheapest and I do trust the USPS .. never had a problem with them yet .

Have to put more thought into this.


All of the club's overseas shipping is done US Postal Service, overseas - air. Overseas - land is even cheaper, but very very slow, like 2 months to reach European destinations.

However, we have a certain percentage of our overseas shipping that never reaches the destination.

Also, to avoid having your recipient taxed for the goods you ship them, mark them as industrial samples, and do not put any knid of document in the box that has pricing.

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Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
I think the best way is to buy a round trip plane ticket.
Carry them on and put them in the overhead.
Take a day or so checking out London. Smiler

Best piece of advice I've read on this board.
I just spent three months "working" there!
Doug I think your right London Heathrow .. is a cheap flight this time of the year ... Hmmm not a bad idea ...

Husker .. yes my EX worked for KLM out of Holland and yes they get 75% on fedex but they have to ship it in person...

So far the best way to ship it is USPS thanks to Joules and INDUSTRIAL samples ...Thanks George ... the buyer paid for shippng but .. its more fun finding a good deal and not giving it to the goverment .. they have enough money.

Thanks to all ...

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