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The planning is complete for the upcoming Southern AZ Panteras / FIAT run up Kitt Peak – “Picnic on the Peak”.

The plan is to meet at the AutoZone at Speedway and Silverbell (About ½ Mile West of I-10). Meet time is 10:00 AM.

We will then head west over Gates Pass, down Sandario Road to the Ajo Highway, and then up to Kitt Peak.

(LINK) Directions to Kitt Peak National Observatory (LINK) Directions to Kitt Peak National Observatory

Depending on the traffic situation we have discussed “staging” the cars at the bottom of the Kitt Peak hill to reduce traffic congestion. The hill is 12 miles long, with no stops, and no pullouts. Once you start, you are committed!

We plan a picnic on top, and people are welcome to tour the observatory facilities either with a docent (for a nominal fee) or on their own.

We suggest you bring good shoes, and a lightweight jacket, in addition to your picnic supplies.

When we get done, we will return to Tucson via a similar route, likely heading North on Sandario Rd, and cutting back to I-10 on Picture Rocks road.

Anyone in a hurry can head home more directly.

We are hoping for at least 10 cars of various marques. Please plan to join us! This will be a fun one!

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"Sunday Drive" 14 September 2014 - Picnic on the Peak

Destination: Kitt Peak National Observatory complex, just east of Sells, Arizona.

Kitt Peak National Observatory website:

Visitor Info:


What to bring:

Dress in layers. It could be nice. It could be cold. Might be breezy. There will be a chance of showers/rain since the drive will take place while it's still the monsoon season. We'll do a weather check Sunday morning. Pack a lunch, beverages, snacks. Don't forget your sunglasses, camera, binoculars, mobile phone.

Prep your car! Oil, Coolant, Fuel, tire pressure (spare tire, too!). Make sure your jack and tire iron are IN the car! Check/update your emergency kit. Consider bringing extra oil and coolant, duct tape, tow rope, tarp, jumper cables (just in case).

If you don't have your Italian Supercar operational, feel free to drive something else!

The Drive:

Beginning Rendezvous Point: Circle K, 1735 W Speedway Blvd, Tucson AZ 85745. Line up behind Circle K / Autozone.
  • Meet at 10:00
  • Depart at 10:30

    Scenic Drive: West on Speedway over Gates Pass to Kinney. Left on Kinney. Past Old Tucson Studios to Ajo Way/Highway 86. Right on Highway 86 (west) to Three Points General Store/Chevron. (Approximately 28 miles / 45 minutes)

    Rendezvous Point: Three Points General Store, 16225 W Ajo Highway, Tucson, AZ 85735. Food/Fuel

    • Arrive Time: 11:15 AM
    • Depart Time: 11:45 AM
    Drive: West on Highway 86 to Junction with AZ386. (Approximately 16 miles / 15 minutes)
    Rendezvous Point Junction of AZ86 and AZ386.

    Gather, assess conditions, determine if staging / staggering is needed.
    • Arrive Time: 12:00 Noon
    • Depart Time: 12:15 PM

    Scenic Drive: South on AZ386 to Kitt Peak Observatory Complex. (Approximately 12 miles / 20-25 minutes).

    Arrive Kitt Peak main parking lot around 12:30/12:45 PM


    Bring your own lunch/beverages. There are picnic tables available at the Complex There are also vending machines available.

    OPTION: There is a picnic area just west of the Complex but uses a gravel access road. It's in amongst some trees and in near a large radar dish telescope. Outhouse available.

    Feel free linger at the Complex and participate in a docent-lead tour or tour on your own. Also feel free to depart at your own leisure.


    Planned departure is at 2:00 PM. The Southern AZ Panteras club is planning a return drive back through Saguaro Park West and a “spirited” drive on Sandario Road to Picture Rocks / NW Tucson. The Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson will likely depart at various times from the complex.

    Optional: IF there is interest and using an “every car for themselves” approach, we could regroup at Time Market on University (just west of UA Main Gate) at around 3:30PM for a “cold one” on their patio and then depart for home as everyone sees fit.

    • All times / distances are approximate and are for planning purposes only.
    • All information, including date, time, routes, etc. is subject to change.
    • This is intended to be a non-competitive event. Participation in this event is at your own discretion and risk. It is assumed that participants will be properly insured and obey applicable laws. Neither the organizers of this event or the Southern AZ Panteras or Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson clubs assume any liability or responsibility for injury or death that may happen due to your or your guest's participation in this event.
  • Anyway - You know those Lambo's... The door latch mechanisms are weak, and the doors typically won't stay closed....

     photo IMG_3545Medium_zpsf66d3808.jpg

    As a matter of fact, Drew's car is actually sponsored by a French Snail Import / Export business. They painted the logo on the car. Someone asked why they didn't have the name of the business on the side. The CEO stated: "No need - when he drives by, people will say: 'WOW! Look at that S-Car Go!'"


     photo IMG_3574Medium_zpscf5af5d5.jpg

    Enough poking fun at the Lambos. Thanks to Drew for coming out, and showing the flag. My wife got to ride with him, and I had a hard time getting her back into the Pantera!

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