Help wanted! We're after a set of wiper arms/blades for our new toy. We believe the motor is still there but we're armless! We will need to have these before we can register (read DRIVE) the vehicle and we don't want to wait any longer than we already have to get behind the wheel of this beast. As it is, it is currently wending its way around the Great Australian Bite from Melbourne to Perth but hopefully, all things going to plan, it will be in our hot little hands by next Friday - YAY party

In addition, does anyone have any "spears" to go in the rear wheel vents?

Obviously we're quite a way away from most of you guys but if anyone is able to assist we will cover all costs for postage etc.

Hope to hear from someone soon Smiler


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I suggest you get hold of Paul (V8Capri) in Melbourne, he had similar trial and tribulation with wipers and if I recall found something to fit locally.

The wiper motor itself is a Lucas 14W unit as used in period Minis, Jags and Land Rovers so if you did need it you should be able to find it that side of the pond. The only difference is a short 95 degree sweep, but a more common 105 sweep should work if you play around with wiper positioning.

By 'spears' I assume you refer to the aftremarket three piece inserts that Hall (or was it PIM) was selling? The GT5 only came factory with a mesh screen behind the duct.

Good luck and congratulations,
The OEM wiper frames that hold the blades were those late '60s Jaguar ones with small dia. ss wires, and there are innummerable splined arms that fit the stock posts. I use blades that are about 1" longer than stock to wipe a tiny bit more of the glass.
What year is the car? (can't tell from the photos) Note that there are two different wiper assemblies that use similar parts but park the wipers on opposite sides of the windshield. '71-'72-1/2 parked on the left while all others (I think) park on the right. The assemblies interchange but not the wiper motors for the two types.
It appears from the wiper stanchions that it parks on the left.

Originally posted by Bosswrench:
The assemblies interchange but not the wiper motors for the two types.

Uh, not true its the same motor, all you do is move the stop cam on the plastic gear to its 180 degree spot.

Normal failure of the wipers is either the plastic gear or motor brushes, both are available. The motor uses a three brush system and its a little bit of a challenge to hold all the brushes and slip the armature and cover all back together. I have a bunch of plastic gears if anyone needs one, was selling them for $15 inc. US postage.

The car is actually a 72.

We are in constant contact with Paul (v8Capri) already but we were hoping for the easy way out by finding someone who just wanted to off load some instead of fiddling around with Jag wipers or the like?!!

We are just going to go onto PIM now and see what we can find....

Thanks for the responses.
Does it really matter that they work?

Are they going to make you turn the wipers on and make sure they sweep the windshield?

If not, can't you just throw something on there and then be on your merry way?
and NO!!!
It sure does matter that they work! The car has to be brought over the pits. Everything is inspected to see that it works. They check for oil leaks,height of body off ground,exhaust noise(which may be an issue),lights but to name a few.I brought some cars over from the east coast of Australia and even had trouble getting them passed.I am lead to believe that we have very anal rules to get a car licenced over here.So I want to eliminate as many potential issues as possible before getting it inspected Frowner
Thanks guys but I've just ordered a set from Jerry at PIM. Hopefully we won't need any other parts to get it over the pits but you may well get another cry for help in the next week!!!
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Originally posted by Red Tera:
They check for oil leaks,height of body off ground,exhaust noise

That would be impressive as hell if you can pass those hurdles.
Nice looking car! Good luck with it. Just reading this makes me appreciate CA a little more than other states or countries where all you need to do here is mail in your annual registration fee and you are all set. Smiler
It WILL be a hassle! But nothing will stop me getting my dream car licenced.No matter what I have to do or who I have to bribe!!!!!! Just joking .... sort of! I am told the engine noise could be my biggest issue. So I have made a recording of my Nissan and when he asks me to start the Pantera I will start the tape and give the car a shake with my butt while cleverly disguising this with a cough. I dont think he will notice that the recording is actually a diesel engine! Not to mention that I will have a stripper wearing an anorexic bikini sitting in the passenger seat with the air conditioning set to the lowest possible setting.A last touch will be lots of hundred dollar bills thrown around the inside of the car............. What do you think? Wink Eeker
With the wiper sweep they do check it, as mine actually failed !
Joules 5 ( julian ) was able to help me there.
For the noise I made a flange plate behind the muffler and fitted restrictor plates with qty 4 10mm holes in each one. this made it quiet enough to get the certificate.
just make sure you have left or right park wipers and where your stubs sit left or right.
Mine was a real weird one, but is sorted now.
The assemblies interchange but not the wiper motors for the two types.

I thought all you had to do was get a differant park switch for the wiper motor. That is a Lucas part also and any of the larger Jaguar restoration places have them.
Originally posted by OSOFAST:
I thought all you had to do was get a differant park switch for the wiper motor. That is a Lucas part also and any of the larger Jaguar restoration places have them.

Actually its simpler than that, you just have to change the stop cam on the gear.

There's a set of NOS wipers that has just listed on Ebay....
Joules5 you are 100% correct after playing with the wiper motor I found the plastic stop cam and unclipped and rotated it 180 degrees. The wipers are now driving the opposite way so I can fit my new wipers.

Thanks a Million to all!! ps I will probably be posting a lot of questions as I become familar with my new car.
Thanks again
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