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I had bought a good ignition side cover from Mike Mayberry. Unfortunately it does not mate up to my existing turn signal side because it's a fiberglass aftermarket piece. Mikes was original plastic & he does not have the other side. So I'm now looking for a matching column cover set, or an original turn signal side cover.


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Yes, I guess they are GT5-s. The prior owner hacked them up to fit a non-original ignition switch. I had issues with the switch & the hack job on the covers, so I have since installed a complete original ignition switch. I now need the correct covers. Do you know if they make aftermarket ones for the early cars?


Thanks for the suggestion on Ebay UK, but  I had already called Steve & he didn't have any in stock. I ended up paying a small ransom for the one I needed from Larry Stock. I probably should have waited, I know I paid too much, just tired of searching for it & driving around without covers on. With my luck, several will pop up now for a fraction of what I paid.

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