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Yes, the GT5S rack is the same physically and ratio wise as the early cars.
There is a small difference in that the tie rod cups on those late racks are not adjustable. This means that when the ball and cup wears you can't tighten it up like on early cars.

I recently installed a new old stock GT5S rack in my car. But before I bolted it in I installed the mandatory bronze bush and redesigned the tie rod cups so that they are adjustable like the 70's racks. I can now adjust up the tie rod cup play without the need for any unpeening and I can do it with the rack still on the car. I did take pictures if anybody needs to know how I did it.

What is the problem with your rack?

Thanks Coz. I bet your right. It's been quite a while, I hope all is well with you and your family.

Thanks for the info, Johnny. When I last drove my Pantera I noticed a bit of play in the steering. I've yet to investigate further, but I'm just checking on the parts interchange and cost.

Any ideas on a likely culprit?

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