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S - Sinestro (Left)
D - Derecha / Dexter (Right) - correct answer: Destro!

From the viewpoint of the driver.

Interestingly enough "Bar Sinister" Like "Simon Bar Sinister" from the famous Underdog cartoon comes from the "Sinestro" Latin Root.

I think all this is true, but apparently my knowledge is of the weak and unsatisfying kind. It turns out...

"Bar Sinister" is a macaronic play on words (wordplay combining words from different languages).[citation needed] It refers to an imaginary symbol in heraldry used to denote illegitimate parentage, created by Sir Walter Scott in 1823. The term bar sinister has since been often used as a euphemism for illegitimacy. It is often confused with the bend sinister, a diagonal stripe on a shield or escutcheon."

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The 'S' Sinestro and 'D' Destro, Italian left & right respectively refers to the axle thread and in the case of the Pantera to the side the axle goes on. As the axle nuts sit on the inner side of the hub, this is opposite to convention for knock off wheels, but is designed sop that the nut is constantly in tightening motion with the rotation of the axle.

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