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I was talking to Pat today and he said a few Montrealers are coming south this coming Sunday (10/26) to visit his shop in Tyngsboro.

He wasn't too sure about an arrival time other than a guess of 1:00 or so.

If it's any of you forum guys that are coming I'd certainly make an effort to come over and say hello if anyone could confirm an ETA. I'm trying to schedule around a possible time conflict.
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We have had a few phone calls about a road trip to Pat's. Pat says it's a 2.5 hr ride, but Mapquest says its 5.5 hrs each way.

We're up for a nice fall run (before it snows) but the weather does not look good at all for this weekend. Riding thru the mountains early morning may see some flurries and freezing roads.

I'm pumped to see Pat's shop and his latest mods - and a few of us interested in his brakes for sure. We're still talking and looking at timing and options.

If we're coming we'll post it here and would sure like to meet any Pantera owners in the area!
Originally posted by r mccall:
Pat makes some incredible stuff!
Please take some pictures!!!

I second that motion.

I would especially like to see photos of his Porsche-based Brembo system for late model cars. Also his 3" 90 degree exhaust system. Also the twin turbo 1,000 hp motor in his 90 Si conversion. Also lots of photos of his Shelby GT5-S. Also his factory correct GT5 fiberglass flares. Also... oh never mind, you get the picture.
I'm very glad you guys are doing this and if I lived ANYWHERE NEAR I'd go. Pat did such an INCREDIBLE job with my car, every time I even consider a visit in that area, I'd like to arrange and see him.

Pat's a genius, straight out. Fair as they come too. I'd go back to him in a sec. Ask him to give you a 'tour' of his Pantera headers. That ought to give you some insight into how this man solves problems.

PLease tell him hello from me.
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