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I am running a simple survey, via the Registry.
Do you have the original block?

I'll be summarizing data from the registry.
As thousands of owners participate in the DeTomaso Registry, it is an obvious source for data like this.

To insure that your data will be correctly counted, Go to:

To check and review the current selection, go to the link above (login as necessary) and review or enter your block/motor/engine number present, then check/select if you have the block that matches the block number identification plate.

If you have the original block outside the car, but DO have possession of it, you may select that you have the original block. You don't have to have the original block running in the car right now. I know this only applies to a very limited number of owners.

If your car no longer has the engine number plate, but you believe it is the original block select the correct option (Yes or No) from the drop down menu, and enter the number in the field provided.

The survey will count how many owners have indicated they the original block (and have the block number entered.) If the block number is not entered, I think the survey skips the car, but I'm not sure.

If your registry entry does not have a photo of your block number plate (engine bay) and/or a photo of your block number stamped into the block, this is a good time to remind you that you can/should take a photo and send it to

Results will be announced in a week or so.

Best Regards,

Chuck Melton
(The De Tomaso Registry Guy)

If you are not currently linked as the owner of your car, there is a simple process to resolve this.
Send a few photos, include at least one VIN plate to and the system will set you up.

If you have not yet created an account at the registry, now is a great time.
Go to:
Enter your user name (your e-mail address) and create a password check the box to agree to the
Terms & Conditions (basically to do no harm to the website) and click submit registration.

An e-mail will instantly be mailed to you. Click on the login link in this e-mail,
login and you are now set up. If you don't the e-mail verification your ISP blocked it.

If you need "Live Human Help" use the contact button at the bottom of a website page.
I can even enter the simple process to add your car for you, except when you create your password.
Passwords are private, and I don't know them, and I can't set them for you.
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This survey has been completed. I hope you took the opportunity to participate!

There are more than 4,100 entries in the DeTomaso Registry database. This includes all models, Formula cars, Sport racers, Vallelunga, Mangusta, Pantera (all variants), Longchamp, Deauville, and Guara.

The results of the survey indicate that there are 649 cars with the original block.
(Plus one, John Buckman's car apparently never had a motor number plate.)

I'd like to thank everyone that participated by checking and/or updating their entry, and especially those that added photos of their block stamp and block number plate.

Chuck Melton
(The DeTomaso Registry Guy)
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