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I was wondering if anybody out there has made or know of (has photos) of Panteras where the owner has not walked the normal route, but found his own path in the quest for his dream car. Not doing the regular mods, but made a total custom interior, new bumpers and/or new design on anything on the car you can think of. Would be fun to see the well done mods as much it is a laugh to see changes as those done to the Jackson-Pantera seen in another tread here.

So, start uploading your pix.
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Here is a picture of my new 4.6L. I made new aluminum side covers to cover the 2 new stainless gas tanks and leave the engine exposed all the time. I put the fill caps for the tanks and the coolant thru the covers. New decklid shock location. these work great and reduce stress on the decklid.

Here are some other pictures:


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