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Here is an engine I owned for many years - one of three all aluminum 289 style engines 305ci, external oil pump, equal plane crank - could be run as V2, V4, V6 or V8 This was the engine in the Pete Brock designed P5000. Heron heads - combustion chambers in piston. One of these was also shown on the prototype Mangusta backbone chassis at the 1966 Turin Show. Two of them were on Webers and mine was on slide injection. Heads showed all the hallmarks of Harry Weslake's design - later used on the Gurney heads minus the Heron chambers. Slide injection was also a Weslake hallmark. These are the only photos I have left of the engine - sold it ca 1992. This came from Colin Chapman at Lotus from the defunct Type 46 Can Am project. Anyone have any further info? I know there was one of the other engines in the de Tomaso Museum - mine was the last 003.


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